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At Aapta we make every Tweet count

Let us consider the stats. On any given day, Twitter you have users posting about a mindboggling 5000 plus tweets every single second. And that, mind you is an average count. We are not even mentioning those tweets that go viral and make followers go ballistic retweeting.

Now if you do the math that is no less than five hundred million tweets every day of an year. Clearly looking at these huge numbers one cannot be blamed for getting the feeling that people do not do much else in their usual daily lives and all that they do is to tweet, and retweet. All day long. Recent data suggests that this is actually a drop from a couple of years ago when Twitter was at it’s peak. But look closely and you will find that Twitter has no less than 300 million active users. Now that is a figure that is difficult to argue with let alone not consider.

Especially if you are an online portal trying to find it’s footing in the tough competitive world of the internet. Yes there are other Apps and forums (read Snapchat) that are new and attracting the younger generation away from Twitter. But these numbers are not a cause for concern as far as Twitter goes. Fact is that even today Twitter is one of the top social media platforms of the world. And a business would be naive to disregard this fact. Which is why Aapta offers comprehensive optimising services for the ‘Twitterati’ community that is alive and kicking.

There must be those of you who might think what the fuss is all about. After all it is a mere 140 character (the allowed limit rule which has since been relaxed) Tweet that one is referring to. Well guess what? In the hands of a consummate professional like Aapta it is possible to optimise stuff on Twitter to the extent that you can make each and every character count. And cause maximum impact. Our content writers are among the best and know instinctively what is required in terms of the words that are used in each and every Tweet.

With one update (read Tweet) a day being offered by Aapta as part of it’s Twitter optimising service, get ready to have more followers, retweets, reactions and comments which will only boost your business prospects day after day. We will customise up to five designs for your Twitter cover page and you pick the one that you feel is the best. Better designing, content and planning will help you reach more target customers than ever before. And our versatile Auto Post tool will do all the posting, on all the Twitter accounts of your company. In a flash, just like that.

This service to optimise Twitter in order to help market your business/products better is on a month to month basis for all customers. At Aapta we believe that it is good for a customer to sample what is on offer before we get you to commit for a longer association with us.

And we reckon that 30 days is ample time to see ‘proof of the pudding’ and know for yourself what Aapta is all about. Which is why Aapta gives all it’s service users an ‘insight tool’ which as the name suggest will give you deep insights into how business has improved after our intervention.

The overwhelming response that you are going to get in terms of tweets, likes, followers and retweets will translate into solid business which is what the aim of our service to optimise your Twitter profile is. Rest assured, you are in safe hands.

Twitter marketing through strategic tweets and automated tools

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