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Top Four security plugins to secure your WordPress website

Top Four security plugins to secure your WordPress website

For the smooth functioning of a company or business, the website must be robust, fast, and mainly secure. To ensure that there is no fear of hacking the website, a security plugin is a must. Implementation of a security plugin will enhance the user interaction as the visitor or the customer feels safe. For example, […]

The Hazards of Juice Jacking

The Hazards of Juice Jacking (1)

The most common requirement today is charging the phones, because of the lifestyle the battery consumption is higher which leads to a dire need to charge the phones anywhere. In order to stay connected people resort to charging their devices in public places. As convenient as it might sound it is harmful as it can […]

Website Security – To protect and to serve is our motto

Well it might seem straight out of a mainstream Hollywood movie but the motto of ‘to protect and to serve’ is what the Aapta security solution for customers is really about. We firmly believe that there is no point in designing a stylish website with quality content if it is not backed up by a […]

Installing SSL made simple and easy

An extremely crucial part of online security is that of the SSL technology. Short for Secure Sockets Layer it assumes this importance due to the fact that this technology is largely responsible for encrypting all sensitive information while it travels across a wide range of networks across the world. So apart from the person for […]

What every WordPress site needs – impeccable security

WordPress made a humble beginning in late 2003 as a content management system (read CMS) that was created specifically to cater to online blogs. It took another decade for technology to develop in such a way that WordPress started to be used for virtually every type of site big and small. That is when we […]

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