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How to mark your presence on Facebook with Aapta

Everyone who is on the internet, everyone who does business online and everyone who knows a thing or two about internet trends will agree that when it comes to social media, Facebook is big. Just how big is Facebook and what makes it indispensable when it comes to online business? You might know that there are over a billion users of Facebook but do you also know that every years 17 % more users are added to this burgeoning army of Facebook followers? Then there are the mobile users (read smartphones) which are slowly making their sterling presence felt where again over a billion folks use this social media platform on a daily basis.

And bear in mind these people use Facebook for a few hours every day, no matter what. Now that is a lot of traffic that can surely be redirected to your business website if proper marketing and optimising in regards to Facebook is done. Ignore them at your own peril. And if you thought that the traditional forms of marketing are best suited to you, check this. Almost 30% of the billion active users of Facebook are in the age group of 25-35 and this new generation will not get enticed by the boring, old methods. They have a short attention span, need something that is immensely appealing and yet offers great value for the monies spent. That is where we, Aapta come in.

Aapta Solutions offers it’s customers a unique service aimed at optimising their Facebook page that is both cost effective and very practical. What do you think is the first thing that someone notices when they land on your Facebook page? It is the cover page. The right profile picture, the correct personal or professional description and then, the many posts that are there. Aapta gives users a choice of five eclectic cover designs to opt from thus paving the way for a great first impression. The other very important feature of this Facebook optimising service is that Aapta will help business owners and users make as many as 25 updates (read posts) on their Facebook page every month.

These posts will be made using just the right keywords and appropriate hashtags thus creating a much greater impact on your potential customers. We will see to it that the number of people liking, commenting and sharing your posts will increase exponentially week after week. Most businesses, especially those with a global presence use multiple Facebook accounts to serve their purpose. To make this much simpler, Aapta uses the Auto Post tool with which posting to all the various accounts happens in minutes.

All this can be monitored by you, the business owner thanks to our ‘insights’ tool that you get free with this service. So you know exactly how things are panning out and are on top of things at all times. If you are wondering if this is also for 30 days which is how long the service is valid do not worry.

The insights tool is free not just for a month but for lifetime. The fee for a month of Facebook page optimising is about $125 (Rupees INR 8000) and though it is unlikely that you will be unhappy with what we have to offer, you can get a refund within a week if so. But stick with us for a month and we are sure that you will not need anyone else to optimise your social media for business. Ever. Facebook optimising is crucial to any company’s fortunes on the internet and there is nobody who knows this better than Aapta. This is as good as it gets. Sign on right away. What are you waiting for?

Buy this Facebook Page Marketing service here for Rs. 7,999

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