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Website Security – To protect and to serve is our motto

Well it might seem straight out of a mainstream Hollywood movie but the motto of ‘to protect and to serve’ is what the Aapta security solution for customers is really about. We firmly believe that there is no point in designing a stylish website with quality content if it is not backed up by a comprehensive security mechanism. Without this being an integral part of the service that is on offer all the other things will come to nought.

No customer would like to do business with/on a website where the personal information that they reveal might get compromised and worse, misused. Nobody wants the hassle of getting spammed via email, pesky marketing calls or having their private space intruded upon. Business owners must also realise that there is very little room for error here. And just one bad experience is enough to deter most customers from ever venturing on to your website ever. Not to mention the bad word about your business that will spread throughout the virtual world.

The one cardinal sin when it comes to online security is lax security. Which is why when it concerns your online interests it is important to settle for nothing but the best. And that is Aapta. When you sign up with the website security service from us, Aapta puts in place checks and balances which will hold both the visitor and the site owner in good stead. The main component of this service is a premium script that we will install on the website.

This will do a bunch of things on a regular basis like checking for & keeping spam under control, running a deep scan of the website to look for & eliminate any malicious software (read malware) protection against injection of harmful code (read XSS) and SQL into a website, quick detection and blocking of proxy, ban of IPs & effective blocking of any bots that are a threat from being able to access the website.

That is why we like to call our website security solution as comprehensive. There is nothing left to chance, no loopholes that are there for any miscreants to exploit and very little to no possibility of user data being compromised. Look at all the leading security softwares that are very effective and a big reason for that is the ability of the software to keep updating (read virus definitions) itself automatically, on a regular basis. In the big, bad world of spywares, malwares, viruses and what have you it is crucial to always stay one step ahead.

And more often than not, disaster strikes when your protection software has stopped updating. This is where Aapta scores high with regular updates combined with 24/7 monitoring to keep away any and every threat.

Now as you might have figured out after having a look at the bouquet of online services that are on offer on the Aapta Solutions website, most of the services on offer fall under two basic categories, one of which involves a monthly renewal and the other is typically where you pay just once and then we take care of things for the next one year. The website security solution that is offered by Aapta comes under the latter category.

This means that once you have made an advance one time payment to us, you can kiss all your worries goodbye for a good year. During this period you will be able to see first hand how good our services are. The fee that you pay towards is 5000 INR ($ 80 or thereabouts) and this will allow you to take care of more pressing matters that need your attention while we get rid of any unwanted junk from your website.

Buy this website security service here for just Rs. 4,999

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