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4 Must-have WordPress resources for the new age writer

For more than a decade now, WordPress has been the most trusted online tool when it comes to effectively creating and managing content on the world wide web. Well not all of it but surely a large chunk of it with well over a 50 million websites swearing by the WordPress. The big attraction with WordPress has to be the wide array of resources (read software plugins) that users can quite seamlessly add to their respective WordPress sites. Additionally these are very uncomplicated and easy to make use of. Though some of these might indeed be paid plugins, most of them are free and they allow you to customise your site just the way you want. Regardless of whether you are using this WordPress site to further your business, to touch base with likeminded individuals, to stay connected with your community/fraternity or even to simply to write notes to yourself, WordPress serves all purposes.

Gone are the days when aspiring writers would have to spend not weeks but months and in some cases years in an attempt to convince a publisher to back them. If done right there is a ready audience waiting to be tapped into, worldwide. From shaping popular opinion on critical issues to offering expert advice on food, fashion & films, writing product reviews to technical manuals & website content a new generation writer can do it all and more. When making use of WordPress, there are a plethora of resources available to guide a writer all the way. Enumerated below are some WordPress tools that will help you write with consummate ease and great flair. Without fail. Every single time.


For many writers, the byword when it comes to the process of writing and publishing content on the internet is WordLift. The tagline accompanying this software plugin is ‘Ordering knowledge’ and that in itself tells a lot. If you are unsure about the content that you should be writing about, Wordlift is able to recommend to you stuff that will find resonance with potential readers. This, the software does by doing a in depth check of various knowledge bases on the internet such as DBpedia, Wikidata, GeoNames among others. Some of the most popular search engines and social media platforms have the technology that allows them to understand, customise and deliver relevant content. Access to this vital data makes it a level playing field for all writers wanting to make the desired impact.

Not stopping there, WordLift provides adequate support to a writer so that he/she is able to come with content that is original, of great quality and appeals to the target audience. This support involves providing of relevant links and/or media and recommending of versatile widgets to enrich user experience. WordLift also streamlines your content which in turn allows it to be search engine friendly, improve page rankings and brings in traffic regularly to your portal. What kind of content goes in, how best to make it effective, who is your target audience and which is the best way to reach out to them. Leave all of that to WordLift and simply concentrate on writing great content. Best part about this plug-in is that it is completely open source. The downer is that it does not come free.

WordLift WordPress Plugin Page


Writing quality stuff is a challenge as it is. But to be able to do when you have a deadline staring you in the face makes it doubly so. In such situations, it basically boils down to two things. Flow of thoughts and flow of words. Unless you get the right balance of both you will not make much headway. No matter how thick and fast ideas keep popping up in your head, it counts for nothing if you are not able to put it down on paper. Which is where the TwinWord Writer proves to be a worthy companion for it is able to intuitively come up with the right word, idiom or phrase with reference to the context in which the writing is being done. And if you don’t quite dig what is being suggested, the Twinword Writer can come with half a dozen equivalent words in practically no time.

Another common mistake that a writer can make in the ‘flow of things’ is to use a particular word or phrase repeatedly without even realising that this has been done. The Twinword Writer will let you know by sweeping through your writeup in progress. On the other hand, the plug-in will throw words at you that are relevant to the context but have not found their way into your writing yet. Ever wrote a dozen odd pages before you realised that what you wrote had deviated from the overall tenor of the article, post or blog? That will not happen with the Twinword Writer keeping watch. It will quickly remind you that things might be going awry. Likewise if you are unsure if the meaning of the word is apt for the context in which it is being employed, why worry? Twinword Writer is there.

Visit Twinword Writer WordPress Plugin page Marketplace :

A more recently innovated plug-in that has drawn rave reviews is the Marketplace. It provides support that encompasses all facets of writing. If you are out of ideas for your next blog & need one quickly, need a step by step appraisal of the content as it is written, handy tools that make for smooth yet effective communication, writers on hand to assess the quality of your written material or feel the need to take up a course on how to spread the word about your work, then this Marketplace is just the place for the writer in you. This software is ideal for high flying individuals and celebrities who would like to stay connected with their followers via a blog or column but do not have a clue about how to. Just reach out to who have an enviable network of quality writers.

The fact that is backed by venture capitalists speaks for itself. They mean business. Period. The folks behind Marketplace have a stringent process of screening writers who apply to work for them. The writers selected in the due process are versatile enough to be able to write for everyone ranging from quaint startups & multinational companies to large business corporations. If you want your work to be checked for quality, consistency and salability by professionals with tons of experience in what they do, then these folks are the right ones to go to. Even better, let them do the writing for you while you bask in the glory.

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The Good Writer Checkify is your go-to tool just before you hit that ‘Submit’ button. What this plugin does is to run through a checklist of things to qualify your article, blog or post as good enough to upload online. And interestingly this checklist is based on parameters that are actually laid down by you, the writer. These parameters are arrived at by collating the best of everything that you have ever written. So that those very best practices are carried forward in all your writings in the present and the near future as well. The hitch is that if you are starting afresh and do not have any previous work as reference, then this plugin will probably not give you optimum results.

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