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Letzdance and why one should take classes from them

Letzdance is a platform for online dance classes; a fresh beginning with perseverance to set higher goals.  It is a platform that brings together experts in the industry with distinctive art forms. These experts make the dance goals reachable with a step by step learning process.  The digital class also brings curated dance sessions for everyone.  Letzdance brings a wide variety of dance styles to the table like hip hop, Bollywood, and Zumba not to forget it also comprises sessions for kids. The classes are live and interactive, learning from the experts whether online or in the studio would not have any difference as long as you participate and focus.

Why choose Letzdance?

Varied dance styles through Live and Interactive sessions by Experts

You can learn from experts, choose the style that you wish to learn.  Explore and learn from any part of the world. The live classes help you interact with the instructors and allow you to learn from your mistakes.  Dance requires a lot of technique. If things go wrong you might end up injuring yourself. An experienced instructor will guide you to move to the beat. Idle observation kills the spirit, join the sessions, and start wading to the rhythm.

Learn from the comfort of your home

It is a fun activity, as part of the quarantine; everyone is experimenting with new things. However, it is important for you to have the zeal and the passion to learn how to dance. If you are willing to learn new styles though it might seem a little challenging at the beginning, you have experts as instructors to teach you. How often do you think you get such an opportunity to learn things from the comfort of your home? Choose the best place for your dance class, have the place dedicated for the sessions it will enhance effectiveness and make you perform well.

Anyone with willingness to learn is welcome

People at any level of learning are welcome to join the classes. Since there are curated classes for beginners it is a great opportunity to learn. Mistakes are welcome you don’t feel shy because technically you are in your comfort zone.  These classes will help you build confidence, the stronger your will is the faster you will learn.

Kids Classes

Let your child learn a new skill while he or she is at home. They will surely begin to love what they are learning. As kids have quick grasping power making them learn anything new only adds more value. It teaches them to be more innovative and sportive. There are separate batches for kids so they can socialize online and make new friends.


There is no high requirement for technical equipment although it would be useful to have a desktop or a laptop, if you wish to learn through the phone it doesn’t harm as long as you can focus and see what going on in the class. You need to use the Zoom app to join the classes.  Place the phone 3ft distant so that the instructor can see you.


As much as the term online class and the instructor are used it is indeed a class and you will get feedback from your instructors about your performance.  You can also see your progress and get guidance to work on your flaws.

Awesome Quality

The classes have great video quality, as you participate in the classes you feel you are present with your instructors. It improves your willingness to learn since you will be able to coordinate with your instructors comfortably without lag.  

Full-fledged learning

You will gain in-depth knowledge of various dance forms. Learn new routines and compositions that will push the threshold to the next level. Work on your technique and finesse drawing out polished moves from what you have learned.

 Learn the best of the moves in a systematic way keeping the authenticity of the dance style intact. Learn how to have a properly aligned body, keeping the core strong, complete the steps cleanly. Participate, learn, exhibit your talent, check your progress, and raise the bar. Within a few days, you will find yourself grooving to the music in your favourite dance style.

Join the classes today, because “A year from now you may wish you had started today.”

– Karen Lamb

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