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 Importance of Colours in website design

Importance of colours in website design. (1)

Are you satisfied with the response you are getting for your website based on the colour palette? 

A good website takes into consideration every aspect of the company and highlights the attributes in the best possible way. It shows off the building blocks of the company in a clear manner that the reader understands. One of the best practices of a successful company is the right choice of colours that make it unique. It additionally attracts the readers and makes higher conversions. If there is no colour on a website it definitely looks pale and awful and thereby the company loses potential customers. An attractive mix of colours keeps the customer glued to the website and encourages them to spend time and navigate to know more about the company. Great colours on the website lead to customers’ attention and it urges them to scroll through the tabs of the website and most important influences the customer’s decision making.

What should the colour palette be? 

The colour palette is extremely essential to building a striking website. A customer is attracted to the website with the choice of colours as it draws attention and also they remember the deals, points, or services better as they can differentiate with the colour palette. A website must use a simple and attractive colour palette that blends smoothly with the features of the site. Every company has its own ideology or goals the colours must bring out the intention of the company. While creating an exciting website, a colour scheme plays a vital role. If the colour scheme doesn’t match the website it hampers the entire look of the website. Choosing the right combinations of colours will give optimal results in website appearance. It is important because a good design of the website will ensure higher search engine rankings. The colour palette of the website must be consistent which shows uniformity in the website. For example, if one tab of the website is in a green palette, and another one in an orange tone it instantly loses customers’ attention.

What is critical in website design?

In general, the website of a company must primarily be understandable to the visitor. A complex website will not retain the visitor. The reason is mainly the ‘time’, today there is no time to spend and learn about a company’s website. In other words, if someone is trying to search for a particular item they want to know about it instantly they would not spend time navigating through tabs and exploring the entire website in search of their need. This is mainly because of the competitors, the market is packed with deals and offers so why should a visitor waste time on a website in navigating through it when they can find it easily on other websites. Therefore the goal of the company must be a user-friendly and easy-to-understand website. The website content must offer users what they want and it must be strategically placed. Also keeping the content and design fresh and unique helps in getting leads. 

What is the significance of colour on the website?

A brand’s identity is created with the choice of colours, it is important because the customers or the visitors remember colours to identify the company. For example, the famous Kentucky Fried Chicken is easily identifiable and customers quickly remember the bright red brand name which goes with their entire website. However while making the colour choice for the website the factors like target audience, geography, and the purpose must be considered. This way of choosing colours and designing the website will help in attracting the target audience. 

How to make a synchronized colour layout?

A harmonious colour palette is very important and the website must include a proper pairing or mixture of colours that complement each other. A combination of yellow and blue hues, a red tone complemented with green, and similarly orange and violet make a very attractive website. Also, the website can have trending colours like these days earthy colours, a combination of yellow with a grey splash, and blue tones are in rage. Another way of using colours is by adding analogous colour harmony, here hues of the same colour family can be used. For example, primary colours are red, blue, and green, secondary colours (orange, violet, and yellow), tertiary colours (brown, grey, and white), and quaternary colours (orange-magenta, green-purple, red-black, yellow-white). Using these colours some popular models can be made like RGB, CMKY, and LAB models.

Just like the basic needs of life, colour is one crucial element in a website. A website is considered the face of the company it represents the company’s attributes, plans, and capabilities. With that, the company must understand how important it is to make that representation attractive so that it churns out profits. 

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