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Arafa Inn, Boutique Hotel in Bangalore Near Majestic

The name ‘Arafa’ which is not to be confused with the similar sounding name ‘Arafat’ has Arabic roots and has several meanings which have all got positive connotations. Considered by followers of Islam to be one of the holiest days of the year, it is the second day of pilgrimage to the holy shrine of Mecca for the devotees. The word means introduction and has to do with a pleasant place for like minded people to meet. It is an apt name for the Arafa Inn that is nestled in Bangalore, one of the fastest growing metropolitan cities of Asia. That Bangalore is also home to some of the biggest multi national companies of the world means there is always a huge influx of job seekers and business travellers from all over the globe. In addition Bangalore is a favoured destination due to the presence of some of the most prestigious educational institutions here. So rental accomodation for short term or a longer basis is always in short supply in Bangalore, especially quality places. Which is what makes the Arafa Inn such a nice place to stay.

The Arafa Inn is located in one of the busiest neighbourhoods of the city, Gandhinagar is a huge plus. This means that the Arafa is in close proximity from the transit hub of the city, Majestic. It is home to both the main bus terminal and the railway station of the city. As a result connectivity to all parts of the city and the country is never a matter of concern. For travellers who need to cover other cities in India along with Bangalore, this place is ideal. Traffic woes are not uncommon to this city and in peak hour it can take long hours for one to get from one end of the city to the other. So if you are put up in a hotel that is in one part of the city and your work needs you to travel to the other end, it can become quite frustrating. With the Arafa Inn being so close to Majestic, it is bang in the middle of the city. So when you are done with working hard the entire day, you will be able to get back in time to head out for a leisurely outing shopping, partying and dining in the evenings.

Those who have been to or stayed in Bangalore for some period of time will know that the area in and around Majestic is usually teeming with cheap budgeted hotels and chock-a-block with small shops, street vendors and modest businesses. Which makes the luxurious and tastefully built Arafa Inn something of an oasis in the desert that is the Majestic area. The Arafa Inn has interiors that are palatial in terms of the stylish decor, stunning paintings and furniture that dot the whole property. The first impression that one gets one entering any of the rooms is that of an uncompromising lavishness. From classy linen that is comfort personified to ultra modern appliances to keep you connected with the whole world, top class room service to fantastically tasty food that will have you asking for more, the Arafa Inn has just about everything for everyone.

In the end one has only praise for the Arafa Inn. It is a place that has a lot of old world charm that is something of a rarity in today’s times. Service with a smile, lip smacking cuisine, royal treatment and all this without making a hole too big in your wallet. The next time you are in Bangalore make sure to pay a visit to this quaint little home away home. And you are unlikely to be disappointed.

Arafa Ann Hotel near Majestic, Bangalore – website link.

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