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You have an SEO enabled portal with cutting-edge design, unique content and above all a winsome product on offer. In short it is all perfect. Till one day, when all of a sudden you discover that the site is not working, you turn to a professional only to learn that your site has been hacked. Leaving you wondering what exactly did you do wrong? Quite basic really.

Your WordPress site had not been updated in a very long time. As a result of which the security on the portal was left vulnerable to online threats. This is just one of many scenarios that you will encounter when doing business on a WordPress powered site. Fact is, on any WordPress site all themes, plugins and software need regular updating and efficient maintenance is key to its smooth functioning round the clock. And turning to certified professionals means another dent in your pocket.

Something which startups and small businesses can ill afford. After all, you have paid a lot towards designing the site and getting the content done. Not to mention a separate fee towards hosting your site on the server. So what is the way out? Is there any practical solution to these vexing problems?


Online business comes with its own unique challenges. In the offline world, a business owner can shut shop and go home at the end of a day. But not on the world wide web. Once your website has gone live it becomes the calling card to your business attracting traffic from all over the world. Twenty four hours a day, all days of the week, throughout the year. There simply cannot be any slip-up, ever. There can be very little to no downtime. So if the landing page of your site is taking too long to load up the potential lead will close out and move on. Just like that. And for most such customers the first impression of your site is a lasting one. If their experience is good they will be sure to spread the word to several others too. What you need is a team of seasoned professionals who know what it takes to run a website, 24/7. Who knows all there is to, about Hosting, WordPress Management and overall upkeep. And if one single provider can handle all these various services for the website nothing quite like it. But the question is – Where do we have such a service provider?


Enter AWP (Aapta WordPress) a company of consummate professionals with years of expertise in the field which means your website is in safe hands. Always. What makes the AWP service truly worthwhile is that it offers end-to-end solutions for online businesses. Right from optimised web hosting (with dedicated memory, web space and a powerful processor) to configuring SSL certificate (Comodo Positive) on the domain, regular backup of all your web data using the ithemes BackupBuddy, the ithemes Security Pro that helps in securing your WordPress website from every kind of online threat, the WP-Rocket which is the best-in-market caching solution for faster page loading, WordPress maintenance inclusive of updates for themes, plugin & core update and 24/7 tech support via both email & chat.

If you thought this was all, there is more. Part of this whole package from AWP, are features like Google Analytics, Database Optimizations, Comment Spam Removal, Spam user removal, Free Migration, Staging and Google Search console Integration as well. All of this for one flat monthly fee thus saving considerable money for a business. This is as good as it gets.

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Compare our prices with every other company, and decide the best option for your WordPress Website.

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