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City Guest House, Luxury and Business class Hotel

Mumbai, known formerly as Bombay has quite a few epithets. It is the ‘financial capital’ of the vast country that is India. It is also known as ‘the city that never sleeps’ which has also been used in reference to the American city of New York. Like New York the city of Mumbai is also always buzzing with many eateries, restaurants, watering holes and entertainment avenues staying open well into the night. Also known as ‘Maximum City’ for the sea of people who populate the city, the largest film making industry of the world, public transport that is bursting at the seam and also home to the Bombay Stock Exchange, Asia’s first stock market. There is always something to see, do and experience in this megapolis that is Mumbai. But like many of the great cities of the world it has it’s own share of problems. The biggest is of housing and accommodation thanks to which a large part of Mumbai stays in temporary shelters called ‘slums’ Here large, green spaces are few and far in between which is why a place like the City Guest House is worth it’s weight in gold.

If you visit the online portals of any one of these homestays, boutique hotels and studio apartments a cliched phrase that you cannot miss is that the place is ‘in the heart of the city’ regardless of whether it is indeed the case. However by virtue of being located in Dadar which is a popular suburb in the city’s central district, the City Guest House has a natural advantage. That Dadar is also very well connected to all parts of the city and the rest of the country makes it ideal for travellers. In fact the railway station at Dadar is not far off from the City Guest House either. Additionally Dadar is home to a large number of restaurants and shopping malls that range from the very affordable to the very luxurious. So anyone staying at the City Guest House always has a wide choice of things to do be it at any time of the day or the night. As soon as you enter the premises what strikes you right away is the amount of vast lung space that is there in the City Guest House.

The interiors of the place and your room itself are equally impressive with the decors giving one a royal feel. Who does not liked to be pampered? The rooms ranging from standard to deluxe vary in size depending on if it is a couple or a group of people or even a family that is staying. You can choose the room according to your requirement. High speed internet, air conditioning, extremely comfortable beds, sleek bathrooms and above all an eye for cleanliness and hygiene means that you will be tempted to stay put in the room for the duration of your stay. The staff is not just very cordial and professional but very helpful with their knowledge of the local place. If you are the sort who values privacy the staff will respect and give you that space but if you are the kind who likes someone to be at your beck and call that is exactly what you will get. Strongly recommended is the sumptuous breakfast that all comers to the City Guest House swear by.

To conclude one must confess that the City Guest House in Mumbai is just the place to stay the next time you are in this city. With amenities that are top of the line, excellent customer service, easy connectivity to and from the place and all of this at a very affordable price the City Guest House is very difficult not to like. Visit this place once and it is a given that you will keep coming back for more. Again and yet again.

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