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Complete Invoicing solution is now just a click away

One of the toughest parts of any business is book keeping that is to keep a track of the finances of that particular business. On the face of it this is a fairly straightforward process of calculated profits and losses by deducting the money spent from what is earned. But truth is whenever there is money involved, things can never be simple. A small misstep or an error in calculation can completely upset the applecart (read business) as it were.

And when it concerns a large and/or thriving business, then things can get even more trickier and complicated. Which is we need expert book keepers and accountants to do this work for us. And these guys do not come cheap either which is why some small businesses decide to do the book keeping by themselves only to realise a few weeks or months down the line that this is clearly NOT their cup of tea, or coffee either.

Others employ family members only to realise that blunders by these folks are costing them badly. Finally there is the matter of trust for some accountants are known to fudge accounts and cause loss to the company while profiting themselves. Clearly there is more than meets the eye. The way out is provided by Aapta’s invoicing solution.

The word that best describes this invoicing service of Aapta is comprehensive. Which is exactly what the service really is as it covers just about everything that there is. This involves the integrating of a script into your website that will track all the accounts of your company. The script itself is nothing but a web based application that is versatile enough to install easily on a local system too. Using this App you can keep a tab on all your monetary transactions from your end and at the same time help create an invoice for these transactions.

Thus giving your customers the option of making payments online, all by themselves. Now the invoicing itself can be a one off or set up as a recurring payment option too. The App is flexible enough to let a user add more orders, sales, clients, products and services as business expands or diversifies with time. Thus this invoicing solution of Aapta is easily scalable too. You want detailed balance sheets? Sure.

On a monthly basis or yearly, both are possible. The business owner can receive periodic reports of all these financial transactions so that everyone is on the same page. This App can also include a payment gateway if the need arises. To make all this easily accessible to the user, Aapta gives them an automatic login option along with automatically generated URLs for the invoice.

Need more options? Here you go. There is the option to add new staff, employees, documents as well as notes for future reference. There is also one to keep tab on your bank related transactions. Above all is the option to keep account of taxes & discounts. All this is available to you as part of the complete invoicing solution at a fee of just $150 (INR 10000) And that gives you peace of mind for an entire year as Aapta will take care of all maintenance of this script (read App) during this period.

Compare this with an accountant whom you would probably have to pay the same amount for just a month and you will know how valuable this service is. As with all services by Aapta, customer satisfaction and quality of service is paramount. Everything else is secondary. Everything else pales in comparison.Get your trustworthy, efficient and versatile accountant now. By opting for Aapta. Who else?

Buy  web based Accounting and Invoicing application here for Rs. 9,999

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