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Efficient VPS server management by Aapta

Virtual Private Server(VPS) is what we call a virtual machine that always runs it’s own version of an operating system. The VPS on which your website is hosted comes with a clutch of benefits. Typically even though a VPS has dedicated disk space and an operating system of it’s own, in reality this virtual Server is still a part of the main physical server. Inspite of this a user prefers a VPS for hosting purpose because he enjoys far greater control and can even reboot his server like in the case of a dedicated server.

The advantage here over a physical server being that VPS servers are much more cost effective and also that much easier to create (read design) Where dedicated hosting is more on the expensive side and is usually for large corporations and multinational companies, while shared hosting is usually meant for smaller, static websites (mostly) with HTML based content. VPS server management comes somewhere in between.

VPS server hosting gives one more control than with shared hosting and also many of the features that are common to a dedicated server, without the high costs. That is why this VPS server management service by Aapta gives you best of both the worlds.There are a few preconditions that need to be met in order to avail this service by Aapta. You need to have a VPS server that you already bought from any VPS provider. In addition to this, you will also need to have a cPanel that was probably bought along with the VPS server.

Without these two conditions being met, it is not possible to go ahead and provide this VPS server management service to a business owner. Aapta comes into the picture when you find that maintenance of the VPS server is becoming increasingly difficult. In recent years VPS hosting has gained in popularity recently thanks to reduction in costs and many hosting providers are accommodating websites of all sizes.

As part of the service, Aapta will be able to make sure that efficient cPanel management takes place at all times making customisation easier than ever before. If there are any softwares that are critical to the smooth functioning of your website, Aapta will see to it that these softwares are installed promptly and on top of it also monitor your site to keep these softwares regularly updated as well. Failure to do updates on time is one big reason for performance issues when it comes to web hosting and this is taken care of diligently by Aapta.

The VPS server management service also entails a very reliable security solution for your website which is inclusive of regular scans to check for any harmful threats (read malwares) to your business. As part of the security mechanism that is enabled on the user’s website, Aapta will install what is a basic firewall that will insulate your website and the network from all things that are undesirable and fraught with risk.

On top of all the features mentioned above, this service of VPS server management by Aapta also gives a business owner the option of safely backing up all the data that is critical to the business. The idea with this service is that the owner should be free to concentrate on expanding business, increasing revenues and working out marketing strategies while Aapta takes care of updating and monitoring of the website so that business goes on as usual.

At just around 5000 INR which comes to about $80 you can get this service from Aapta for a month. If you like what you see, just go ahead and renew your subscription for the month after and so on. At Aapta, what you see is what you get. And what you get is always good.

Buy VPS management service here for just ₹ 4999

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