What every hotel needs is what Aapta provides

Every business that wants to become a force to reckon with on the world wide web needs a website. Goes without saying you might feel but fact is that it was perhaps the hospitality industry that was the first to recognise the importance of having a website for the purpose of increasing revenues.

And it is very rare that you will find a hotel, restaurant, resort or serviced apartment not having a website to look up. If you have a SEO friendly website for your hotel that is designed tastefully it is possible to get enquiries about booking rooms from just about anywhere in the world. And if you integrate a booking engine on the website the customers should be able to make bookings for the date that they want and even make an advance payment if the need be. At any time of night or day without you needing to do much from your end. The trouble is that if you look closely at many of these hotel websites, they quite strangely seem very similar in design and content to each other.

They all claim to be in the ‘heart of the city’, the gallery page usually contains images which all look stunning and as a result a customer can get confused about which hotel to choose from the choices which all look boringly similar. Which is the reason many customer have to rely upon customer review sites to be able to arrive at a decision. That is why when it comes designing a website for hotels, Aapta continues to be the choice of many.

A big plus that Aapta enjoys over other web designing companies is due to the vast experience the team at Aapta has when it comes to the hospitality industry, specifically in regards to SEO marketing. We bring this knowledge on board when it comes to designing a hotel website. As a result of which, hotel websites designed by us will attract great traffic and impress visitors to the website too.

For owners of hotels these websites offer the best of features including free cloud based hosting for enhanced security, free integration of the booking engine & the payment gateway, backup of all critical customer data, free SEO to ensure that the site sits favorably on all leading search engines, access to the Control Panel for business owners to have a lid on things and lifetime script updates for the website. And these are just some of the main features besides which there are many little nice touches that will impress. Like the option to customise the booking engine which could include getting more addons.

Or the guarantee that the design of your website will stand out. And then there is the option that user can avail to get a crash course on inventory management. Since all this is completely open source, it becomes much more easier to tweak and change for any developer.

This service is not just for a month and in this case the customised hotel website with booking that Aapta has to offer is priced at $450 (INR 30000) as the fee for the first year only. Apart from all the features mentioned on top, Aapta also offers a free domain to users as part of this service. From the second year a user has to only pay a fourth of the fee (around INR 7500) towards renewal of hosting and domain support. So there you have it.

A hotel website (with booking) that will impress customers in terms of aesthetics and content that will have great SEO is destined to be a success. Which is why Aapta must always be the first choice for all successful hospitality ventures on the internet. For sure …

Get your Hotel Website here for just Rs. 29,999

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