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What every WordPress site needs – impeccable security

WordPress made a humble beginning in late 2003 as a content management system (read CMS) that was created specifically to cater to online blogs. It took another decade for technology to develop in such a way that WordPress started to be used for virtually every type of site big and small. That is when we saw all these eclectic themes and versatile plugins making an appearance.

Till which time WordPress sites typically were not all that visually appealing and were dominated by textual stuff. Thanks to these new features of a WordPress site, users could now add new files that contained images, pictures and even video clips quite easily. Almost immediately you could see that the number of WordPress sites shot up dramatically as did those making use of them for commercial purposes. Today things have reached a point where one third of the top ten million websites are all based on WordPress.

And with many of the WordPress sites selling their wares and making huge revenues how could scamsters, hackers and other anti social elements stay out of the loop? It was only a matter of time before these folks tried to milk the situation and con people out of their hard earned money. Realising how grave the situation was, WordPress site owners decided to beef up security to protect their interests. Aapta understands this situation better than most and has a service on offer that is just what WordPress sites need.

The security cum backup solution that Aapta is offering as a service to it’s users consists of a plugin that can be installed easily on any WordPress site without too much of a complication. In fact it is not but two plugins that will get installed as part of this service. While one provides all the security that a WordPress site will ever need, the other plugin makes sure that all the data that is critical to your business is safely backed up.

In a sense what you are getting is two trustworthy and effective softwares for your WordPress site, only it is for the price of just one. The reason we offer this as a combination is because we know by experience that securing data does not only mean blocking threats to the data. It also means making sure that all the data is safely saved in a place that is away from the access of these miscreants. Just in case things go terribly wrong and your site does crash, at least you will not lose all the important information that is worth it’s weight in gold.

Coming back to the two plugins, it is not uncommon for plugins to have compatibility or conflict issues with a WordPress site. Which is why our job at Aapta does not end with merely installing these plugins. We also provide users an entire year of support to make sure these plugins continue to work properly, are updated on a regular basis and fix any snags that might develop in this one year. We take full responsibility of your WordPress site and are accountable to the user for the service that we offer.

For the benefit of the customer, Aapta also has online ‘How-to guides’ available for ease of use when it comes to these two plugins. This service is one where the user has to make a one time payment of 5000 INR(about $80) and not worry about the WordPress site for a whole year. Compare this with other licensed softwares that cost the same amount for installing on a personal computer and we are talking of an entire website here. That is how good this service is. And valuable too.

Buy this security solution here for just Rs. 5000

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