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Gulftech – Utility services for all and sundry

Gulftech is the last name when it comes to providing reliable, quality services for a wide range of customers spanning commercial enterprises, business concerns, residential users and private companies. Listed below are all the services that the large group of companies listed under Gulftech provide.

. Power generators – Gulftech caters to clients from industries as varied as construction, oil & gas and manufacturing where it offers commercial & industrial diesel powered solutions for all. Their super silent diesel generators can be availed for rent. What makes Gulftech stand out is that they provide end to end solutions right from selection, purchase, installation & follow up to maintenance. With certified technicians at your beck and call. 24/7

. Car rental services – When you rent out cars from Gulftech, you are assured of service of high quality consistently. The drivers are courteous, experienced and professional to the core while the cars that can be availed are well maintained and in addition, a customer gets to choose from a premium range of cars.

. Transport services – The Reliable Transport Services is a company under Gulftech which takes care of every transport related service in Doha. Be it essential ones like supply of water for drinking purposes or cleaning up of sewage. Add to that services that help in transportation of goods & material critical for the smooth running of industries and commercial ventures. RTS also gives on rent, lease and contract it’s huge fleet of heavy trucks to ensure that business is always given first priority.

. Printing solutions – Pacific Printing Press is the company under Gulftech which is dedicated to providing impeccable printing solutions. These are not limited to making offline marketing material like posters, flyers and banners. But extend to even online facilities like website designing that help shape a corporate identity for it’s customers. And all this, at cost effective rates.

. Health care – Gulftech likes to call the health services it provides as Green health. Though they deal almost exclusively with specialised dental care, they make use of the latest science & technology for this purpose. While at the same time not compromising on either the personal care nor do they ever let up on the high standards that they constantly strive for.

. Cleaning services – Hygiene and cleanliness are highly subjective and can vary vastly from person to person & from one company to the other. Gulftech understands this intuitively which is why it offers customised cleaning solutions. As part of this, Gulftech runs a quality control program where they
schedule regular inspections to ensure that the cleaning is done thoroughly and the high standards are maintained consistently.

. Aluminium fabrications – In this, Gulftech consists of three divisions – steel structure, powder coating and of course aluminium fabrication, each one being equally important. The reason most leading architect firms, builders and clients of Qatar prefer Gulftech is because they have in their ranks a skilled work force that is professionally managed and provides world class facilities for steel fabrication.

. Technology – Over the last many years, Gulftech has become synonymous with computer & mobile services of the best quality. Their unique selling point has to be their customised on site service which means their certified professionals are just one phone call away. When it comes to computers, laptops and mobile phone services. they do it all. And literally so. From installation to upgradation of software and hardware to network support. Along with this, they also assist with replacement of spare parts and in case a user is looking to either buying and/or selling computers & mobiles, you know who to call.

. Interior design – Gulftech believes in beautiful decoration regardless of it being traditional or modern in design. The idea is that what is created must suit the customer’s taste & without fail reflect a unique lifestyle. For this, Gulftech works with the customer thanks to which a shared vision almost inevitably leads to great results. To achieve this, Gulftech gives all valuable advice on what products suit them best. From myriad accessories and a wide range of lighting, shades, bedding to wall covering, floor covering and furniture. And this consultancy is absolutely free.

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