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Installing SSL made simple and easy

An extremely crucial part of online security is that of the SSL technology. Short for Secure Sockets Layer it assumes this importance due to the fact that this technology is largely responsible for encrypting all sensitive information while it travels across a wide range of networks across the world. So apart from the person for whom the data is meant others will not be able to decipher the data, at least not easily.

The other plus of SSL is that you know that this vital information is being sent to an authentic destination and not some trickster trying to steal this data. Coming to the business side of things, a buyer is more likely to trust a website that has a valid SSL certificate than one that does not. Especially if the site has an option for customers to pay for the product/service that they avail from the portal itself. And a warning to the contrary, either about the absence of this certificate or that the SSL is not valid can easily dissuade a buyer from proceeding to make the payment. As it is, to accept card payments on any portal the site owner must comply with PCI(Payment Card Industry) standards part of which involves a valid SSL certification. Which is why Aapta has a service dedicated to installing SSL on a website in a simple and seamless manner.

Before Aapta can do the installation for you, it is necessary to buy the SSL certificate but be sure to do so from an SSL provider that is reliable. To know which SSL providers can be relied upon, make sure you read online SSL certificate reviews before zeroing in on one. While buying the SSL certificate, it is also important to make sure you get the one which is best suited to your business.

If you have a business with several sub domains apart from the main one, then it is best to choose the wildcard SSL certification. On the other hand, you have the single domain SSL where the name says it all, loud and clear. Now once the right SSL has been purchased all a user needs to do is to get in touch w?ith Aapta who will do the remaining needful in order to install this on your business portal. Is your website static or dynamic in nature and function? Regardless of whichever type it is, Aapta should be able to do the SSL installation on your website without any trouble of any sorts.

Many of the services that are on offer from Aapta Solutions are renewable by nature where the service is available on a subscription basis. Now this might be a monthly subscription that might need renewing at the end of thirty days or an annual one which lasts for an entire year before needing renewing.

These tariffs are decided by looking at the nature of services on offer more than anything else. Which is why the SSL installation service of Aapta is not subscription based but is rather one that involves a one time payment. This one time payment is of 1000 INR (about 15 dollars) and regardless of whether you have bought single domain or wildcard SSL, the fee will be the same. If you have wildcard SSL we will install the SSL on your main domain and a maximum of 4 sub domains.

Along with this Aapta is also offering customers the option of unlimited installations in a year. What else could you want? What else can anyone want? As always, Aapta always spoils you for choice. Which is why choosing us must be equally obvious. Every time.

Buy this SSL installation service here for Rs. 999

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