A lifetime of business opportunities with Aapta Hosting

Remember the very first bike you owned? Now leave aside nostalgia and think about this. Would it not have been great to have it for a lifetime? Meaning not having to buy a bike ever again. Same goes for your first sun glasses, walkman, first computer and a whole bunch of other things. But wait. Here’s the hitch. Many of the things that you got rid of, you did so by our own wish. And truth is, many of our fancy old gadgets simply could not keep up pace. But what if there was a product/ service that you could use literally for a lifetime.

Where the provider was able to stay updated with the times, give you the best of facilities and you ended up with best value for a buck, but always? So that you could take care of everything else that was more important in life. Sounds too good to be true? It might but it is all true. Leading SEO consultant and marketing gurus, Aapta Solutions are offering all online customers a service unlike any that is undoubtedly one of it’s kind, on the internet. And it is called Lifetime Hosting.

Talk about service renewal and most business owners will readily agree that it is hands down the most annoying part of online business (and there are many actually) The common refrain from business owners is that they seem to getting little to no return on the hefty investments and the hefty fees being paid to the web providers is not resulting in any tangible benefits. Then there are others who say that too much downtime has been a worry and then those who feel that the service (read support) is not up to scratch. Bottomline – most folks want out, by the end of the year long service.

A few are happy with the service but not so much with the fact that the provider decided to jack up fees. Suddenly. So it is back to square one. Looking for someone reliable to host your business website. Ask your business friends, read reviews and do all that jazz all over again. With Aapta’s Lifetime web hosting service, your website is in good hands. For a long time to come. Really long.

The people behind Aapta Solutions envisage it as a online marketplace where there is something for every customer. Be it a big enterprise, a multinational company, a small business or even a startup we have value add services catering to one and all. That is also the whole idea behind the Lifetime Hosting service.

So while on the one hand, you have a Basic plan primarily meant for HTML based portals that begins as low as $50 (about 3000 INR) you have the ‘Enterprise’ lifetime hosting which is the premium service at $209 (12000 INR) In between you have the Advanced option for $119 (7000 INR) and the Business lifetime service at $150 (10000 INR) So depending on what you choose, you wil get great output, performance & speed, reliable security & backup, 24/7 tech (and customer) support.

What to automate updates & installations? Sure that is why we made this service softaculous, Want multiple email accounts and subdomains? Sure. Need easy scalability? Right on. Unlimited bandwidth and full control? There you go. No matter what the option Aapta has it all covered under the Lifetime Hosting service.

These are all for a lifetime of guaranteed quality support with the best of SEO, social media & marketing tools thrown in. And no matter which of the Lifetime Hosting services you opt for, the Uptime for this Aapta offering is 99.99%. Always.

Buy you lifetime web hosting plan here – starting from $119 for life

P.S – The Lifetime Deals on this site is only for customers outside India – for Indians please check our website www.aapta.in or visit client area at my.aapta.in

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