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Optimized WordPress Hosting – Managed by Aapta for users

One of the premium services when it comes to the world of WordPress and the hosting of such portals is that of managed WordPress hosting. The rising popularity of websites powered by WordPress has meant that today there are enough providers who are offering customers a wide range of WordPress hosting services that include regular updating & maintenance, maximum uptime, scheduled backups, better speed & performance, comprehensive security options and seamless scalability. So either you opt for those of the services that you feel that your WordPress site cannot do without or you opt for managed WordPress hosting where you get it all under one complete package.

Here it is the provider does it all for you. Like all services, managed WordPress hosting comes with it’s own set of pluses and minuses. Where as a small startup with limited resources, you might see that the service is significantly costlier when compared to other WordPress services. But it is not for nothing that managed WordPress hosting is considered a premium service. It also gives you access to the best WordPress techs in town who will ensure that you get value for every buck spent. That is what the Aapta service is all about.

Managed WordPress Hosting is a must for any business that has a high traffic portal for it will ensure that there is maximum utilisation of available resources to accrue the best possible revenues at the end of the day. Coming to the Aapta service, the hosting is completely cloud based which means you will always get to have unlimited storage facilities and with 2 GB worth of RAM plus two CPU cores at your disposal, processing speed should never be an issue.

The business owner is completely free to concentrate on other things but at the same time is always in the loop as far as how things are progressing on the website. For this purpose, the user will receive email reports on a regular (read daily) basis informing them about various aspects like uptime/downtime of the site, performance among other things. In terms of data privacy and protection, Aapta offers customers a strong security and backup solution that will make sure that none of your sensitive information will ever find it’s way into the hands of miscreants.

As WordPress sites are usually filled with interactive plugins & themes, these require special care and attention. Which is in terms of dealing with compatibility issues (if any) as well as keeping them updated on a regular basis.

That Aapta has a experienced team of SEO professionals is an added bonus for users. As part of this service, these experts will see to it that your WordPress site is fine tuned using the best SEO practices. If you would like to add a payment gateway to the WordPress site but not right away, Aapta will factor this in while hosting your portal. You get loads of tools aimed at analysing traffic and sales trends as well as those that will help make any updates on various social media platforms.

All these many services can be availed at a one time payment of 12000 INR (about $190) which will give users support (technical & customer) from Aapta for no less than a whole year. For those who might be wary of committing for an year and/or making a hefty upfront payment towards this service, it might be well worth noting that Aapta has been a trusted name in SEO and marketing for a good number of years now. And since we always believe that the proof of the service is in experiencing it first hand, users have the option to do just that for a period of 30 days.

At the end of which, there is an option to get a refund if in case the user is not satisfied. That for us is paramount, customer satisfaction.

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