Outdo Business with Social messaging Apps - like whatsapp, facebook messenger, twitter, instagram and more

Outdo Business with Social messaging Apps

The best way to promote one’s business in today’s world is to use social media because of its far-reaching capacity. Social media builds a platform to reinforce the relationships with the responsive crowd. By being the easiest method nowadays to communicate with the people social media helps to attain close relationships with the customers or the public. To enhance the reach of the campaign some business marketers cleverly use all the mediums of communication together. However marketers miss out on something very crucial which is social messaging apps such as;  iMessage, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook messenger, and Instagram, in fact the old version of messaging which is SMS is also a great promotional platform. These apps are not new to us but the use of them has mostly been personal. People have thought of them to be used only for sending messages to their friends, family and colleagues but very few businesses have tapped this arena for their marketing campaign. 

Considering this fact of Businesses this article gives ideas to use the messaging apps effectively to bring more public attention. As marketers are focused mainly on the wider reach than the turnover ratio this method has not been yet tapped by most of the businesses. 

While the messaging apps reach only to one person at a time and that too specific person the numbers don’t match with those that social media reaches. The database of every marketer is the list of people who already have information about the business therefore to get their attention the message should be highly appealing. Nonetheless, the focus of messaging apps is to develop a relationship with the existing leads or potential customers. More so the messaging apps are convenient and they give an immediate result, it also generates more attention from the younger generation as they are more curious about buying new stuff. It is also noticeable that the interest in a Facebook post in public is decreasing due to the high number of advertisements, so people are more interested in instant messaging.

Let’s see the options available for marketing through Social Media Messaging Apps !

1. Facebook Messenger

Though it is used by 1.3 billion people only 31% of businesses are using the platform for marketing.  It has huge untapped crowd which can easily take your business to the next level. The tools that can  be used on Facebook are:
1. You Get Directly contacted through the Page
2. Advertisements on Facebook 
3. Speak to  Contacts
4. Use Chatbots
5. Chatbox  can be added to Your Website
6. Plugins that can be used to get contacts to obtain messages from the bot for you
7. Send to Messenger plugin allows the person to be able to communicate with you.
8. Message Us plugin also helps people get connected with your website from anywhere

2. Whatsapp

It is another tool that helps you to reach customers, you will only need the phone number and you can send links, videos, messages, audios etc. it simplifies the communication process and as the consumer can directly reach you it also amplifies trust.


The short message service is also a very viable one but you need to be creative as it is old fashioned people tend to overlook it. It also has word limit so you need to make sure that the consumer is getting the complete message. It may be pricey and you need to have valid phone numbers as well in order to use this strategy.

Near Field Communication

This is a method which is a little invasive as the message will be sent to the people who are near the communication points. It also needs people to accept requests from, like GSM or Bluetooth.


This is one of the popular choices these days as the usage is quite high. It is similar to facebook but it has many social influencers in it.


This is one more tool which is more professional and most of the companies feel comfortable when approached by this means.


It is a great tool which gives you wide range of connections as it holds relationship building strategy through mutual conversation.

Therefore the ways to market business are numerous and if we look and observe the current technology we can achieve success by using both social media and social messaging apps together.

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