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It was at the turn of the century in the year 2000 that RTS Doha (short for Reliable Transport Services) made a foray into the sector of transport services. And in the last 16 years, RTS Doha has taken great leaps to become a name to reckon with. Not just in Doha but in the entire region of Middle and South East Asia. Here are some key services that have contributed to this spectacular growth.

Supply : Perhaps most critical of the services that RTS has to offer makes use of it’s large horde of tankers to deliver seawater critical to the smooth functioning of various industries especially construction firms. No matter how much seawater is required and when, RTS is there to deliver. Equally important is the home delivery of clean drinkable water to consumers while making use of specialised tankers that are made to go through stringent decontamination methods. Thus the benefits of water supply by RTS Doha are being availed by both commercial and residential users to great effect.

Cleaning : RTS has on it’s payroll some of the most highly qualified and trained individuals who are in charge of efficiently managing and disposing of sewage water be it in the confines of a home, workplaces & offices and industrial sites. This is done while maintaining extremely high standards when it comes to matters of hygiene and cleanliness. To top it all, the experts at RTS are able to deliver these cleanup services in double quick time thereby ensuring that the customers availing them are always very satisfied with what is on offer. Without exception.

Contracting : It is not uncommon for many important projects to get stalled or delayed due to either budgetary constraints or lack of resources vital to meeting deadlines and avoiding overheads. To tide over such difficulties, RTS has been regularly renting out a portion of it’s enviable range of extremely large vehicles (trucks, trailers) at very affordable rates. By entering into contracts with those heading various such projects, RTS is able to make it possible for work to get efficiently, within a stipulated budget and almost always on time.

Maintenance : In any business or industry, putting a workable efficient system in place is a tough proposition. But even more difficult is to be able to maintain this system over a long period of time. One of the big reasons why RTS Doha has become a bankable entity is largely due to the fact that they diligently work on keeping their vast horde of vehicles in top condition. At the same time, if any of these are found lacking on the any vital parameters like safety, reliability or performance they are promptly repaired. Or if not possible replaced with new ones that conform to the high standards of RTS, Doha.

Transport : What makes RTS an industry leader is it’s incredibly vast range of trailers and trucks that caters to the widest possible clientele spanning across all industries, commercial enterprises and other users of services. From Stretch trailers to Heavy Haul, Gooseneck & Lowboy to Refrigerated & freight trailers RTS Doha provides workable, cost efficient solutions that are customised to best suit every end user. Regardless of the nature of the project or investment costs.

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