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Scheduling appointments was never this easy

Getting to the top is easy, staying there is the tough part. Thus spake some learned man a very long time ago. Though one does not agree with the first part of the statement because getting to the top in any field is far from easy it is indeed true that staying on top is even tougher. There are many businesses that suffer not because they are not good at what they do but rather because they are inept at managing it.

Like the booking and scheduling of appointments which if not handled correctly can leave a bad impression on customers who will be wary of doing business with you again. Even more so in today’s fast world where time frittered away is equivalent to money that is lost. It is important to understand that time is a useful resource where efficient time management can easily make all the difference.

This is a problem faced by companies, big and small but it is even more pronounced in new ventures where the folks in charge are themselves learning on the job and may not necessarily have all the resources needed. In many such scenarios, a disgruntled customer may turn to a more established name and bad word does not take time getting around. Before you know it, you have blown your chance. The appointments website that Aapta is offering will solve these vexing issues.

This website by Aapta that is dedicated to scheduling appointments has been designed to be a responsive one so that the usability will not suffer whether a customer tries to access it from a desktop PC, laptop or a mobile phone. The website comes with the option of a free domain and hosting facilities as well. This can be of a great help for a new company that might be strapped for resources. The site which will be WordPress based can have up to five web pages that includes a contact form page which is for the customer to duly fill up.

Suitable for below Businesses / Business Personals

[otw_shortcode_info_list num_items=”5″ item_1_icon_has=”1″ item_1_icon_types=”general foundicon-plus” item_1_icon_bgr_colors=”otw-b-blue-flat-bgr” item_1_title=”Electrician” item_1_content=”Let customers schedule and book appointments.” item_2_icon_has=”1″ item_2_icon_types=”general foundicon-plus” item_2_icon_bgr_colors=”otw-b-blue-flat-bgr” item_2_icon_brd_color=”otw-b-blue-flat-bd” item_2_title=”Astrologers” item_2_content=”Let customers schedule and book appointments.” item_3_icon_has=”1″ item_3_icon_types=”general foundicon-plus” item_3_icon_bgr_colors=”otw-b-blue-flat-bgr” item_3_icon_brd_color=”otw-b-blue-flat-bd” item_3_title=”Doctors” item_3_content=”Let your patients schedule and book appointments.” item_4_icon_has=”1″ item_4_icon_types=”general foundicon-plus” item_4_icon_bgr_colors=”otw-b-blue-flat-bgr” item_4_icon_brd_color=”otw-b-blue-flat-bd” item_4_title=”Beautician” item_4_content=”Let your customers schedule and book appointments online.” item_5_icon_has=”1″ item_5_icon_types=”general foundicon-plus” item_5_icon_bgr_colors=”otw-b-blue-flat-bgr” item_5_icon_brd_color=”otw-b-blue-flat-bd” item_5_title=”Tutors” item_5_content=”No matter what you teach, be it Yoga, Fitness, Academics or Music – get online appointments website.” item_display_connector=”0″ item_icon_possition=”otw-b-info-list-left” item_icon_sizes=”otw-b-icon-large” item_box_animations_item=”icon”][/otw_shortcode_info_list]

Coming to the appointments, it is possible for us to customise the module the way you like it factoring in the all important time slots. Obviously the appointment module for a doctor will differ from that for a salon and we understand that fully well. As we are SEO experts, we will ensure that the website that we design will be a hit with the search engines. If you would like to, we can incorporate an option where the guests can book an appointment all by themselves.

Also we make use of an efficient network of proxy servers (read CDN) for the appointments website thereby ensuring faster navigational speed and better performance, every time. You also can avail a payment gateway which will be seamlessly integrated to your site at no extra cost.

Aapta also gives customer free SEO tools to market the site better and even offers to train you for all of this. For the great number of features that a user gets as part of his custom made appointments website, he/she only needs to make a one time payment of $150 (10000 INR) and we will take care of all the rest of things for the next one year. This is quite different from other services on offer by Aapta which are all mostly based on the monthly renewal process.

It is important for any potential users to be informed that this price is for a limited period only and will only go up with the passing of time So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and bring a semblance of order into your chaotic business. Aapta will make this appointments website the calling card for your business. Rest assured.

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