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One of the most fascinating and interactive ways to create (read build) an online portal is the Drag and Drop Website builder. As the name explains in no uncertain terms, the idea is to integrate whatever software your site requires be it pictures, text, software or plugins. And this is done by literally dragging and dropping whatever that needs adding to your portal. But what does it exactly entail and is it something that your business portal needs?

To start off, website builders can themselves be categorised into those which require a working (read active) internet connection to accomplish anything and the other is where you can do it all without needing to connect to the web every time you make a change or update something. The good part is that most drag & drop sites are very easy to use, even for those who have not done anything like this before. A user does not need any knowledge of complex HTML coding to crack this and there are enough ready to use website templates, themes, page layouts and even interactive banners that are all available to use. Just follow the instructions (which are usually detailed) and within a few hours you will have custom designed your own website. How good is that! There is a very helpful website builder that Aapta is offering it’s customers as part of the service for doing it all yourself.

Once a customer or business owner opts for the drag and drop website builder from Aapta, the first thing he/she should be able to avail is one free account dedicated to this service itself. In terms of the website design itself, there is no limit on what changes can be made to the site and you can keep tweaking and chopping till you have achieved what you set to. Do what you have to do till nothing remains to be done.

Today it is important to capitalise on smartphone users for they make for a substantial chunk of internet users and this is why the website builder from Aapta is designed to be dynamic, interactive and responsive to all visitors. Be it user of personal computers, laptops or as already mentioned mobile phone users. The other striking feature of the Drag and drop website builder from Aapta is that there is no cap on how many sites can actually be customised in this way by a user.You can build as many sites as you please. So go ahead and indulge yourself.

If you are someone who believes that change is the only constant then you will like the thousands of icons & vectors that Aapta keeps adding to it’s resources regularly. Use them, discard them, change them. As you like it.

A good way of keeping things interactive and vivid on any website is the whole visual experience. And the drag and drop website builder from Aapta gives you tons of stock pictures, images and photos to pick and choose from.

Here again you will a vast array of pictures to look at and select. There is no limit to how many changes you make to your website, you take the call. You are the best judge of matters. All you have to pay to get this great drag and drop feature to do your own thing is a paltry sum of 2000 INR (which is just about $30) In return you get a great tool to make your website which will have your distinctive stamp written all over the site. Just in case you use the service for a fortnight (read 15 days) and feel this was not what you had in mind, you can ask for a refund.

So essentially you would have lost little, learnt a lot and had a hands-on thrill of creating a whole website. All by yourself. And a little helping hand, from Aapta.

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