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Voltamp Electricals – What every business and every home needs

A World Bank Enterprise Survey which was done last year comes up with a lot of interesting data. Business owners across 136 economies felt that electricity services were the 4th biggest hurdle to entrepreneurial ventures. In other words, irregular electric supply, high power tariffs and poor maintenance are the reason why some places are shunned by new businesses. Several businesses that suffer due to blackouts and frequent power cuts have to depend upon more expensive alternatives like generators to sustain and this can cut into any revenues that the business makes.

And it is not just that businesses need electricity. After all, today’s modern homes have gadgets and electronic items that all need electricity to run without interruption. In the sweltering heat of summer, one cannot do without a fan, refrigerator or the air conditioner. And same goes for the electric heaters around winter time. That is exactly where Voltamp Electricals is proving to be a boon for end-user customers and businesses alike. End to end electrical solutions.

In five words describes briefly what Voltamp Electricals is all about. Based out of the Industrial Area in Doha, Qatar Voltamp has been the preferred vendor by just about every business, big, small & new. Take for example Voltamp’s wide range of lighting solutions. Be it street/studio lights, cinema projector bulbs, stadium lights, airfield lamps or even electronic ballasts Voltamp has got it all.

Whether it is to merely assist in installing light fittings or even looking after maintenance Voltamp has experienced professionals who will do all this for you, efficiently and on time. By efficiently one means environment-friendly, energy-saving & versatile. After all every once of energy saved is money saved to the business. A big plus about these services is that Voltamp works with the customer customising the solutions according to the requirement & preferences at hand. If halogen lamps are your thing so be it.

LED lights are gaining in popularity over the last few years and it is not difficult to see why. Though the initial costs involved in getting LED lighting is high these lighting solutions save energy and have a longer shelf life. Voltamp provides a wide variety of LED solutions to help you create the perfect atmosphere, be it at your workplace or home even. And let us suppose that as a business owner you are clueless about the electrical solutions your business wants.

Not to worry as Voltamp will help with the design, engineering, procurement, installation and maintenance of all electrical products that are necessary for your line of work. Want to ensure that the switches/sockets installed are not only of premium quality but are weatherproof as well? Leave it to Voltamp. The people at Voltamp realise that security systems (read CCTV cameras) are vital to a business and power theft is a reality we cannot deny. Which is it makes sense for Voltamp to offer state-of-the-art surveillance systems too?

Voltamp Electricals is today one of the top electrical services & solutions provider in all of Doha. But this does not mean that they are resting on their laurels and taking it easy. Far from. The team at Voltamp stresses on research & development in order to come up with newer innovations that will always keep them ahead of the competition. In addition, they provide valuable technical support & professional advice to clients at all times.

Voltamp electricals brands they deal
Voltamp electricals brands they deal

The Voltamp repertoire is home to coveted brands like Siemens, ABB, Schneider Electric, Legrand, Havells, Honeywell, Bosch, Hager, Philips, GE just to name a few. Honouring time is key to its success and Voltamp’s dedicated sales division and transportation team work hand in hand to ensure that all the orders are delivered smoothly on time. Sure there is a brave new world and yet the age-old values of integrity and customer-centric services remain unchanged at Voltamp.

Voltamp Electrical Trading and Contracting W.L.L is one of the most reputed Electrical Trading and Wholesale Suppliers of Electricals in Qatar. With shops and more, providing services to Home and Businesses all over Qatar.

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