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You have all the required credentials. You have the degrees to show for it, you even have a good amount of knowledge about the subject matter. Yet when you attend the job interviews, the ones doing the interview do not seem to like what they see. This seems to be the recurring trend no matter where you go in search of a job. So you sit down to introspect by yourself and discuss with friends, seniors and family. Where is it that you are going wrong? Someone makes a suggestion that it is your curriculum vitae aka your job resume that is the culprit.

You scoff at the suggestion. How can that be? How is it possible that a document, a piece of paper with records can make such a difference? But fact is that a properly worded and designed resume can actually make a world of difference to a person’s job prospects. Today when recruiters are spoilt in terms of choice, for there are so many folks all angling for the same position, they will pick and choose with care. And when push comes to shove the smallest of things can have a bearing on the final result. Which is why it is important to get your resume done in a professional manner by professionals themselves. By Aapta that is.

As explained on top the competition is intense out there. So much so that companies do not even bother themselves with the initial rounds of the job interview and typically outsource them to job consultancy firms. These firms are clearly briefed by the companies in question as to what they expect from job seekers and what criteria needs to be met. So forget the company that you hope will recruit you, if your resume is tacky and unprofessional looking the consultancy will itself reject you even before you have opened your mouth to utter a word, in the first round itself.

A badly done resume can create an impression that you are not serious enough about the job. Equally if you do make it to the final round where you are just a step away from getting the job, the smallest of things matter, like your resume. And just because of a small error in the resume you might lose on a job that was yours for the taking. The professional resume that Aapta designs will not only look and feel professional but will also take due care to highlight your strengths and draw attention away from your drawbacks, if any. That is what a good resume should do anyway.

The professional resume created by Aapta will have two eclectic designs and three distinct formats to choose from. Once you provide us with all the necessary information and requirements, Aapta will prepare a professional resume for you, within 48 hrs.

In this professional resume that Aapta designs for you it is possible to include any image files and pictures that you want. We will ensure that the resolution of these files is very high. And unlike other services of Aapta that are either monthly or annual subscription based, this service involves a one time payment only. Where you pay INR 500 (or $10) and get all the work done at one go. Bear in mind that this does not include content writing.

If you want that done too it is likely to cost more. You also have the option of converting your text based resume into a graphical design if the need be. End of the day as long as you get the job that you desire, we at Aapta will be happy. Because that is the sole aim of this service by Aapta.

Get your resume designed here for Rs.499

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