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With Aapta around, your wallet is always loaded (Introducing)

A recent trend when it comes to online transactions is that digital wallets are gaining in popularity year on year. These digital wallets are making purchasing goods and/or services online a pleasurable experience, and a safe one too. Also known as electronic or simple E-wallets these can be used by a customer to buy anything that they desire on the internet using a PC, laptop or mobile phone.

Since these digital wallets are available in a customised form as Apps that can be installed for free on smartphones, you can even walk in to any store and use them to buy what you need. Either way this eliminates the need for using hard cash to make any payments which is always fraught with an element of risk. Whereas all information that is stored on these digital wallets is typically encrypted making it quite tough for any miscreants to try and steal this information.

There are other features which endear a digital wallet to a regular online buyer. Like a user typically does not need to pay anything to avail these digital wallets. Another is that these type of wallets can store your information for future use which means after the very first time, you will not need to go through a laborious order form filling exercise again. Easy to get and easier to use.

It is safe, quick, hassle free and easy which is why more folks are using digital wallets by the day. Like many leading Ecommerce portals and sites with integrated payment gateways, users on Aapta can also easily pay for the services that they avail using the very same digital wallets.

Our digital wallets are simply referred to as Aapta wallets and like most digital wallets that are customised to suit the type of purchase that is to be made, Aapta wallets also have their own unique characteristics. Like the Aapta wallet can be used to purchase any and every service that a customer wants to.

Condition to the fact that these purchases can only be made on the Aapta Solutions portal and not on any other website or shopping portal. The credit that you get from Aapta on any service that you buy come with a lifetime validity. Apart from using the Aapta wallet for buying yourself a service of ours that you fancy, it can also be used to buy domains from a site which is part of the Aapta network that is

There are also many free services that are meant specifically for users of the Aapta wallet. Like the one to track past credit and debit history. Or the one to get your cash back if you are a wallet user.

On the website, there are many promo offers available to customers who want to start using the Aapta wallet to buy any of our services. By using these codes & offers, you can get a discount of as much as 10% or more on the digital wallet that you get from us. So basically since you will need to deposit a minimum of 1000 INR (and multiples of 1000 INR) to start using this wallet, it is on this that you will get a discount.

The idea is simple – to make buying anything from the Aapta site as easy and uncomplicated as possible. And perfectly safe too, one must add. With so many benefits to using the Aapta wallet and these many great services to pick and choose from, there is no time to waste, is there? Aapta is there to take care of everything, so go ahead and indulge yourself.

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