Aapta gets you married off in style

Jog your memory to think about when you and the missus paid a visit to any number of wedding halls over a span of a few days or even weeks in order to finalise the right venue to hold the marriage of a kin. Or the hours that were whiled away visiting numerous shops in order to make sure that one got the invitation cards designed just the way you & the family like it.

This is just some of the prep work in regards to the wedding that can now be done at the click of a mouse sitting right at home. Getting a wedding website done is the in thing and comes with myriad benefits.

A website can be updated regularly with pics and videos from all wedding related ceremonies as well as directions to get to the venue in time for the wedding. For those curious relative types, the portal can gives you all details about the bride,the groom & their respective families. It is pertinent to understand that even the best laid plans can go awry and weddings are notorious for this. The least that you can do is to be prepared for the worst yet hope for the best.

That is where it would not hurt to hire the services of an experienced professional. Who else but Aapta to do the honours?

Aapta offers services that entail designing the complete wedding website for those going to get hitched. Now what is the implication of the word ‘complete’? The first thing that is part of this service is that a customer gets unlimited space on a website to add as many photos, videos and events as felt necessary.

All details of the wedding are readily available on the website and are updated as and when changes are made to any of the wedding related ceremonies. In some traditions, the ceremonies go on for days on end making it important for guests to be kept abreast of all developments. Even more so for those guests that are arriving from outside the city, state or country. The complete design of a website is done by us and this includes quirky sections like the guest book and our favourite which is the special graphic presentation.

This is a feature that is designed in consultation with the couple-to-be in order to tell the story of how they met, all on the website. As part of the complete wedding website, a user gets as many as six webpages to use for the purpose. The wedding website will enjoy support from Aapta for a whole year after the marriage and this is inclusive of domain & hosting too. That is what we at Aapta like to call a complete wedding website. In the true sense of the word.

Unlike most of the services from Aapta Solutions that are available on a 30 day basis, the wedding website that we design for a customer will enjoy an year of unlimited support from us. All you do is make a one time payment towards the service and we will take care of the rest. This is a fee of INR 15000(which is about $225) As part of the website package you will also get upto five unique email addresses that can be used as you deem right. So go ahead and do something that is different from the usual routine, that is surely very creative and is something that will make your wedding even more memorable.

It helps that Aapta has a great team of experienced designers who know how to design a website that will draw praise from all and sundry. Each time.

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