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The Auto Post Tool and Twitter – A winning combo

Late last year the head of social media giant Twitter announced job cuts affecting almost 10% of the total employees of the company. This coming on the back of winding up Twitter’s App Vine laying off over hundred employees got some industry insiders worried. Not surprisingly, shares of Twitter also fell by as much as 11% and growth has been slow over the last ten quarters. But fact is that it is not that revenues have taken a dip but rather it is that the revenues are now more rationalised. Especially after the heady first few years. For inspite of this the number of active users of the Twitter platform has gone up by more than 4% and over the last few months itself, Twitter added an impressive two million users. With over 300 million users all over, Twitter is still a powerful medium of communication, be it for personal purposes or furthering business interests. And will continue to be so for some time to come.

There are dozens of tools designed to make the user experience of Twitter a memorable one. There are URL shortening services which do much more than just that. These services also allow you to use a customised menu from where you can easily post the Twitter links to different Twitter accounts. Then there are Apps that allow you to space out your Tweets in a day, week or month equally. This will let you know more about your followers and what time of day do you get best response from them. Also it helps avoid customers from getting bombarded and consequently annoyed by too many tweets in succession. There are also tools that help analyse responses to your Tweers with great precision by keeping track of clicks per tweet, save history of chats for insights apart from being able to interact with a large number of your user and followers. But when it comes to updating, managing and monitoring more than one account on Twitter, there have been no great tools out there. Until now, that is.

Having multiple accounts on Twitter makes it easier for brands and businesses to streamline the way things are run. Customer support is a key factor in here for it makes sense to have a different account for promoting a product or service and not mix it up with an account for grievance redressal. The customer in both scenarios are different, so are the situations and the handling required. Twitter is a more personal and intimate medium of communication than other social media platforms. So you might have a different handle for your business but it might be pertinent to keep it separate from your personal one. Especially when you might be expected to have a point of view on everything from politics, business and sports to policy making. Though sometimes your personal branding can play a big role in how well your business fares. So it is important to weigh the pros and cons of your decision before taking them.

These are some of the reasons why having multiple accounts is a great move for business as long as you have a mechanism in place to efficiently co ordinate the smooth running of all. The Auto Post Tool shoulders the burden of posting relevant Tweets to all your accounts. At the right time and directed at the right audience. So that the sum total of all these Twitter accounts results is always in the plus.

That is the reason that going forward, the Auto Post Tool is going to be an important resource for all businesses that aim to use Twitter for improving margins, increasing customer base and adding up on revenues.

Twitter Auto Post tool – post Links, images, texts and videos to multiple twitter accounts. This tool is free to use for lifetime once you buy this service by paying Rs. 7,999/- (one time).

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