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Buying or selling anything (and we mean anything) online can be termed as ecommerce. Many folks have this perception that ecommerce is something that is new and has emerged as a viable business model in the last decade or so. For the record it was way back in the year 1984 that the first ecommerce service was launched in the US and the company was called Compuserve. The immensely popular ecommerce portal, eBay itself has been around for more than two decades now.

Truth is that in the last decade or so, great advances made in technology and innovation have created conditions that are conducive to ecommerce. Like super fast internet and the immense popularity of smartphones which has made it extremely easy to safely order anything that your heart desires. Thanks to which ecommerce is today a trillion dollar industry that continues to grow still with no signs whatsoever of abating or slowing down. Not in the near future at least, say industry insiders. Today ecommerce portals account for nearly 10% of all retail store sales and this figure is going North, as you read this.

One of the big drivers when it comes to ecommerce is ‘mobile commerce’ That is the buying & selling of mobile phones(read smartphones) and it accounts for a third of all business on ecommerce portals. Suffice it to say that if you are wanting to get into ecommerce related business, there is no better time than now. And there is nobody better than Aapta to create an ecommerce website for you.

First things first. The ecommerce portal in question will have WordPress as it’s base. There is no limit specified in regards to how many products and/or services can be put up for sale on the ecommerce site that Aapta designs for the business owner. Completely unlimited it is. Same goes for the number of webpages on this site.

With a large chunk of people accessing such ecommerce portals from the smartphones it only makes sense to have a website that is made using a fully responsive (read mobile friendly) design. SEO is built into the website and the popular yoast SEO plugin is also integrated in here. Want to keep a tab on the orders or get regular sales reports? We have designed free mobile Apps just for this purpose. All updates in relation to software on this site are done by Aapta for a lifetime. By default when a customer signs on for this service , he/she will receive domain & web hosting services too. If you wish to a get a little more insight into how website management works, there is a training session that is in the offing.

Then there are various interactive tools for use on social media, shipping & delivery tracking modules, free business analytical tools, chat support using the mobile Apps, backup & security solutions and all this at no additional costs. The most important part of an ecommerce website is the payment gateway and we give you only the best ones which are hassle free, very secure, easy to use and fast. There are many more add-ons that a business owner can avail by paying a small additional fee.

Once you make a one time payment of 20,000 INR (about $300) your site will be completely our responsibility for the next one year. In fact this ecommerce website from Aapta Solutions has so many winsome features that it is quite possible some might not have made it to this write up. But as the wise man said ‘the problem of plenty is a good one to have’ Aapta likes to indulge it’s customers and give them products and/or services that are truly value for money. That is good thing, no?

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