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People backed ventures (read crowdfunded) are the new fad in the virtual world. The biggest plus of this new trend is that doing business has now become a level playing field, well almost. The big moneybags still are the big moneybags but point being that unlike in the past there are umpteen number of avenues available to an innovator, startup or entrepreneur today.

So if your dream project needs substantial capital you do not have to run from pillar to post in order to get things off the ground. As long as you know your business/product/service well there is no limit to what can be achieved. Just share your vision on the crowdfunding portal best suited to what you are making and if there is value in what you are offering it will resonate with the end users/backers. Before you know it you will have more than what you hoped to raise. Crowdfunding has also emboldened makers who are willing to take more risks than ever before.

The biggest winner in all this is of course the customer who now has the power to decide (in a sense) what gets manufactured & what gets discarded.

Yet there are small companies who prefer the low key approach still and there are many out there who still swear by offline marketing. The Excel invoice solution that is being offered by Aapta is one such practical service. At Aapta Solutions we know from experience that when it comes to business the ‘one size fits all’ theory simply does not hold water. Because every business comes with it’s own unique requirements and inherent complexities.

So while one service might work perfectly for some, it might be disastrous for some others. Which is why we have customised our services to give users more to choose from. For example, if you have not noticed already, Aapta has another service that provides a more complete invoicing & accounting solution to users which obviously costs a lot more than this particular service.

The Excel invoice solution is a more basic service that will take care of all your daily invoicing needs very well. So before you decide which one to opt for, we suggest you have a good, close look at both and see which is ideal for your style of business. Every service has what are called salient features and so it is with this service of designing invoice solutions using the MS Excel format. The Excel sheet has been designed with the capabilities of making calculations automatically and there are three specific fields under which the calculations are done.

They are Price, number of units and taxes. To these three fields it is possible to add as many products/transactions of sales as the need be.

All the data (read customer info) related to a business or company can be found on this Excel sheet. Provision has also been made to include on this Excel sheet, vital information related to invoice number, date as well as a unique identification number (customer ID) If the company has a logo of it’s own that can be embedded on the Excel sheet itself and additionally this Excel sheet will always have the signature of the authorised person thus lending credence to the whole thing.

In fact, the colours used while designing the Excel invoice sheet can be customised to match with what colour you have on the logo. To make the process of invoicing easier, Aapta will have a unique design for each order on the Excel sheet. And all this can be availed by making a one time payment of 500 INR (about $10) which is great value for the money paid. It cannot get any better than this.

Buy Branded Excel Invoice design here for Rs. 500

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