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Logos Custom Designed For Brand Building

Logos custom designed for brand building

If you look at it simply, a logo is a symbol of a particular company. But look deeper and you will realise that when it comes to gaining visibility, recognition and trust for any business there is nothing more effective than a logo. Some of the most world renowned brands stand out because of their distinctive logos. Which is why a logo is not just a vital brand building tool but in the hands of a professional, it can be great for marketing purposes as well.

That is in spreading the word about a business, product or service. A logo also symbolises the ethos of a company. Which is why the logo of a football shoes manufacturer is ‘sporty’ while that of a leading accounting firm is professional and business like. So essentially what you are doing when you put your logo out there is to send across a message that this is what we are all about. Goes without saying that designing a custom logo that will encapsulate all this is no easy task to achieve and requires the services of an experienced professional. This is where the team of experts at Aapta can make all the difference.

The first thing that is necessary to create a great logo is to be able to understand what the company or business in question is all about. For this the team at Aapta will actively consult and collaborate with the user to get more insight and a better perspective. It is the knowledge gained by way of this preparation work that makes all the difference when the designers get down to actually creating the logo. Based on the discussion and ideations that we have, the user will be given a choice between four separate designs to pick and choose from.

Be it a simplistic design, a complex or an abstract one we are up for the challenge. Whether you want a design done from scratch or modifications done to some existing one we can get it all customised the way you like it. We do not do anything that is against the law which is why any font types that are used will be done with proper licensing and requisite permissions. Also Aapta designs these logos in five different formats (jpg, PNG, PSD, AI & EPS) leaving it to the customer to decide on the one he/she wants. Another value add is the option of customising these logos as icons to be used on your website, along with your mobile Apps and obviously on social media too.

If you are on a tight schedule and would like to get the logos designed as early as yesterday, Aapta will give your job the highest priority and ensure that the job is done within seven business days. In the rare scenario that the logo is a very complex one that is likely to take more time than usual, we will be sure to keep the user in the loop.

The size of the logo itself will be kept as small or large as you would like it. So when you sign on for this service to get your logo designed by Aapta, what you pay is a one off and it is not for any kind of subscription be it monthly or annual. The payment is of a $100 (INR 6000) which is hardly anything when you consider what it is at stake here. And also what are the features that are on offer too. It is quite simple all this, really. For the best results, you need to work with the best. And great design and service has always been the hallmark of Aapta.

Get your custom logo designed here for Rs. 5,999

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