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Why Private Blog Networks are still the best bet for SEO?

A few days ago, the head honcho of a leading SEO based in the US made a very astute observation in regards to PBNs. He likened the element of risk involved in building them to making an investment in one’s retirement fund. Without getting into the nitty gritties of the comparison itself, one must agree with the broad view behind this statement. Which is that every investment is fraught with a certain amount of risk. Yes, the degree of risk might vary from one investment to the other but it is there. Which is why it is prudent that SEOs deal with link building in a way just like how an investment advisor would deal with the savings you have made while planning for your retirement.

Come to think of it, there are quite a few other things that are common between a SEO company and a person who advises you on how best to manage the money that you earn,spend and save. Like how every Tom, Dick and Jenny who has dabbled a bit in the stock market will give you unsolicited advice about where to park your savings for the future. In pretty much the same way, when you have SEO work to be done for your business, everyone from your family and friends to your partners at the golf course are more than happy to pitch in with their take on it. And the more people that you ask the more you are going to get confused. A professional SEO company is who you need. They not only know what they are doing, they have done it before. And very well too.

The other point of convergence between a SEO and your trusted investment planner is that the benefits that are accrued will be long term. Like your investment planner makes all strategies keeping in mind that the gains will not be always immediate, a good SEO company will put in place measures that will ensure that your online portal will keeping giving you a steady flow of income for many years to come. Of what practical use is your retirement fund if there is very little left by the time you actually called it a day? That would be a surefire recipe for unmitigated disaster. Likewise, if you have a SEO that promises you the moon and that too in a short span of time, the alarm bells must and should start ringing in your head.

Another point which makes for a common ground between a financial advisor and any SEO is that a client comes to both with a strong belief that they as professionals will know what is the right thing to do. It is very important to not lose that trust and at the same time, it is necessary for a SEO to be clear and upfront about what they can do for a client without making false claims or without misleading them. So if you are asking the client to put money on the table in order to increase the visibility of his/her portal, it is equally necessary to let them know in no uncertain terms about the risks that come with such an investment. It is not just good business practice, it is also the right thing to do.


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