The Best way of Website designing

Web design is the process of designing HTML web pages that is present on the World Wide Web. Ithas a lot of aspects like colour, graphics and layout. While planning to design a website it is important to think about the audience, web traffic and site functions. It has become a very flourishing business and several companies are creating and designing websites today.

The best way for website designing is to start with wireframe. It does proper communication of what the owner wants to communicate to its audience without being stuck in colour, styling and design. Wireframes help in saving a lot of time as they bring together everyone involved in a website designing to a common agreement for deciding about headers, footers, navigation menus etc.

A web designer can create wireframes in various ways using various wireframe tools. Lovely charts is a free online application which helps to create flowcharts, wireframes andsitemaps. It has a very easy to use drag and drop system where one can work on aspects which are really important .There is no difficulty of drawing boxes, arrows or deciding what symbols for using in the website. Itgenerates superb diagrams in few minutes with less effort.

MockFlow is a wireframe that enables someone to design user interface mockups for websites. It has various in built components.Axure helps to design flowdiagrams, wireframes and website specifications. It allows you to use widgets like buttons, dynamic elements etc that you can design in known environment .Balsamic wireframe tool can be downloaded to important operating systems that are used. It enables in building online wireframe projects. It gives higher focus and has some exceptional features .It also enables to export files from this tool in PDF format or can be used as a clipboard element.

MockingBird has its wireframe tool as a SaaS application.It is a free online application. It provides a plan that has one project that can be extended to 10 pages. One can also share such projects with friends in PNG or PSD files format. It is one of the most widely used wire framing tool for designers who are starting at an intermediate level. Pencil Project is used for many tasks like diagram building and also mind mapping .However it gives a platform for open source desktop application. It also enables a designer for creating Android templates that saves the time of designers.

The Savah wireframe gives designers the control and freedom needed to increase their productivity and create a new wireframe. It has the ability to function as a desktop tool or it also can be used as a mobile application. It has an inbuilt support for collaboration.

Microsoft Visio gives a free trial of 60 days and stays available on windows .Microsoft Office Visio 2007 stays available for professionals working in corporate sector like IT and business field .It helps them to explore and work with complex information. It uses a lot of diagrams to process and share information about a corporate organisation.

No doubt, all these wireframe tools have made life much easier by providing simpler and easier process of web designing which can be used by people from all walks of life not only for personal reasons but also for professional reasons.

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