Treats Service Apartments in Hyderabad

TREATS Serviced Apartments, Hyderabad – Review

Let me start my review of the above mentioned property with a brief word about serviced apartments. Increasingly serviced apartments are set to become a regular feature of company travel policies, so intranets with secure client areas containing selected properties and applied rules to match, will become the norm.In fact the demand for these serviced apartments far outweighs the supply and the industry is growing by leaps and bounds.The reasons are not difficult to fathom and are many. In fact one of the misconceptions about serviced apartments is that they are very expensive. A business traveler staying for long periods of time (say 1-3 months) in a serviced apartment ends up making a saving of 15-30% on an equivalent standard hotel.Surprised? Read on.

Having made a moot point about serviced apartments and their relevance in today’s world,now comes the more arduous task.Which serviced apartment would meet all my needs the best? In fact,if you were to go on to a search engine on the internet and search for ‘serviced apartments in Hyderabad you would perhaps be thoroughly confused looking at the results.How to pick from such a wide array? They all talk of great facilities, but how many walk the talk? What makes TREATS the first among equals? Proximity to business hubs (which means less time spent in transit) an eclectic range of amenities (modular kitchens,spas and gyms,conference halls and offices and what have you) and everything at affordable rates. These are just a few of the obvious reasons.

What strikes you most about TREATS is that be it a single-room apartment or a pent house,no corners have been cut,no effort has been spared.One common grouse of tourists is the quality of service or rather the lack of it. At TREATS, right from the housekeeping to security to the other staff, all are top notch. Serviced apartments in INDIA are usually exorbitantly priced vis-a vis their western counterparts. Here also, TREATS  keeps tariffs very reasonable making it a win-win situation for the customers. Take into account that these properties are at prime locations and centrally placed in the city making for an ideal choice.

TREATS strongly espouses ethical business practices blended with a professional working style and a vision to make Hyderabad a truly cosmopolitan city. Having elucidated various stand out features of TREATS, let us not leave out the standard ones. For the record,all the properties of TREATS have fully furnished interiors,modular kitchens,air conditioned rooms,LCD TVs,internet access,gym & spa, 24 hr power backup & security, hot water, complimentary breakfast…. the list goes on. The bottom line is when you come to TREATS , you get a complete package.You never have to go anywhere else whatever your need or budget; whoever you are, a tourist on a short trip or a businessman on a longer rendezvous; alone or with family,all are welcome. So go ahead and have a TREAT !

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