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Whiskers & Tails – The Pet Styling Studio and Spa

Whiskers & Tails – The Pet Styling Studio and Spa, Mumbai and Delhi

This is a review. But before we get into the actual nitty gritties, a word about the world of pets and pet owners.

 A pet is a pet is a pet

Definition of PET

1. a pampered and usually spoiled child b : a person who is treated with unusual  kindness or consideration : darling

2. a domesticated animal kept for pleasure rather than utility

 The MERRIAM-WEBSTER dictionary says,so therein lie the roots of a pet. All of us know the first meaning,eg’ My brother was always my parent’s pet’ says a girl,’John was always our teacher’s pet student’ says another.Now let us come to the second meaning.Among domesticated animals common are dogs,cats,some species of birds and in the US, a tiger is the favorite pet to own,but let’s not go into that.It is believed that the first dogs were self-domesticated wolves which, at least 12,000 years ago, became attracted to the first sites of permanent human habitation.I have had my share of dogs since a young age,so felt somehow qualified to tackle the subject at hand-A PET SHOP.the first ever PET SHOP I ever saw was one where you had these rabbits,lovebirds,fishes and what have you.But this was different,this was not just a PET SHOP,it was a PET SALOON,SPA and STUDIO for umm, dogs? Very different.

Whiskers & Tails-When I heard the name,it brought a smile to my face.What was that about well begun is….. But I still had my doubts and like many owners of dogs with a good pedigree, I had a misconception.It was that if we purchased a dog of good breed from a well known breeder& had a vet to turn to in case of any emergency,my job was done. But Whiskers & Tails cleared this misconception. You see there I learnt about two things,the first being HYGIENE and the second GROOMING. At Whiskers & Tails,the fact they stressed on is that both of these go hand in hand,without proper GROOMING, your pet will lack hygiene. This in turn leads to your pet becoming irritable and moody.Is it not time to reward your most loyal and trusted best friend?

This is where Certified Pet Groomers like Whiskers & Tails come in.A research conducted by Dare magazine says that the total market size of  the pet grooming industry was 132 crore in 2007 and is expected to grow to 299 crore by 2010. In INDIA Whiskers & Tails are one of the pioneers in this industry. Whiskers & Tails,The Dog Grooming Salon and Spa is a brainchild of Irene James and Merylene Walekar (both sisters). Irene is also running one more very successful business of serviced apartments,(also Irene James was nominated as the best woman entrepreneur of the year 2010 by Small Business Awards 2010 – organized by Franchise India and its partners Earnst and Young, Microsoft and Let me tell you this,to take the pet for a walk daily or to take him/her for the odd drive in your car is not indulgence. If you want to indulge your pet,take him to Whiskers & Tails.

Few things strike you as unique at this SPA.When you see the patience with which the people at Whiskers & Tails go about coaxing the dog,getting familiar with his/her habits and finally striking a bond with the pet,you realize that there are no bad dogs,only bad owners.Two,their attention to detail, the grooming of the dog is complete be it Brushing and Bathing to Skin Care,oral care,Skin Care,Nail Care and much more. Nothing is left to chance,everything taken care don’t blame yourself when your pet dog comes back transformed from the SPA and you barely recognize him as your own. Blame IRENE & MERYLENE. The third aspect is the wide range of treatments on offer, Deshedding  &  Dematting Treatments,Tick & Flea Treatments,even Massages & Aromatherapy and all this with different packages to suit every individual to make it a really personalized experience.Last but definitely not the least,the products and equipment’s that they avail are of international standards and their professional style of working assures the owner that the pet is in safe hands. This passion has now translated into the innovative Whiskers & Tails Academy Of Pet Grooming (where world renowned MASTER GROOMERS will come here and provide willing students over 50 hours of training)

For many years due to lack of avenues,students used to venture outside INDIA to pursue these specialized certifications.But with the setting up of the Whiskers & Tails Academy Of Pet Grooming,all this is now within our reach.The natural progression of this is the avenue of franchising pet grooming salon outlets. From the initial training to further pursuing of business interests via setting up franchisee outlets and then finally making the franchisee a visible and viable one,Whiskers & Tails will be lending a helping hand all along the way.In addition all equipment and paraphernalia required including bath tubs as per international standards and hydraulic grooming tables are provided.Also Whiskers & Tails will help in setting up a dedicated client base through various marketing tools.Thus the investment made in acquiring the franchisee is really a wonderful opportunity to make a career in this field and to benefit from the brand.And the only requirement to enter this world of exciting possibilities is that the person must have a passion for working with pets and the patience to get the desired results.

So make a visit to the Whiskers & Tails,Pet Styling Studio and Spa today.It ensures not only an opportunity for your pet to rejuvenate itself but also for you.For all those who sceptics out there who do not understand what the fuss is all about,I can only tell you this

“A house is not a home without a pet.” ~ Anonymous

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