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WordPress Themes Installation – Envato Studio Vs Aapta

WordPress Theme Installation Service – Why, who and how ?

WHY – That the right theme can make a world of difference to any website is something that all business owners must and should realise. Now this might be a business website, an #ecommerce portal or even a blog. And WordPress sites are no exception. To begin with, the theme must sync with the content that is out there. Then there is the whole compatibility issue where some themes that will add much needed colour to your site might end up slowing it down.

while choosing the right theme for your site it is also necessary to opt for one that is responsive making it friendly with all portable devices. With mobile users making for a large chunk of internet surfers one simply cannot afford to lose out on this segment. Also one needs to ensure that the theme that you opt for works fine with multiple browsers. Above all you have software plugins that make a WordPress site more interactive and easy to use. With so many factors to consider, it might be worthwhile to let professionals do this for you.

WHO – On the one hand you have #Studio #Envato which is a freelance marketplace for technical services, big and small who are offering to assist you with installing a premium #WordPress theme for $50. On the other you have reputed SEO & marketing professionals Aapta providing the same service with pretty all the same features and utilities. Though on the face of it it might seem like there is little to choose between the two, look deeper and you will see a clear winner emerge – #Aapta Solutions

HOW – How did we arrive at this conclusion? Well, there are a number of factors actually:

. Intuitive service – The sheer number of plugins that Studio Envato installs as part of the service is indeed enticing but Aapta is a better bet. No they do not install those many plugins but rather they install only those plugins that your site really wants, those plugins that will add value to your WordPress site. No freeloaders, no unnecessary cluttering with plugins that will affect navigation speed on the site. After all user experience is equally important for the future of a website.

. Better value for money – The service at Envato is priced at $50 which is significantly more than what you would have pay the folks at Aapta for the same. But here’s the clincher. Unlike Envato who provide support only till the job is done with Aapta provides support for 90 days beyond the theme installation. Ask any beginner who has tried to figure out the source of a poorly coded HMTL for their site’s theme and you will know how important this support can be.

. More features – When installing a WordPress theme, it is important to check what all the service entails. Aapta provides theme installation that is complete in the actual sense because it includes not just theme & plugin setup, but also basic security (read spam control) and data backup solutions too. Also the theme can be installed seamlessly on every type of server.

. SEO friendly – One of the critical factors that is usually overlooked by owners of WordPress portals is that a great looking theme that does not score high on search engines is of little use. Being SEO experts, Aapta have a natural advantage here with their dedicated team of developers ensuring that the themes and/or pages are always optimised for SEO. But always.

In light of all the factors mentioned it becomes abundantly clear that the WordPress Installation service offered by Aapta provides better options for a customer. On every front.

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