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Are your Youtube videos optimised for sharing platforms?

There are no two ways about it. YouTube has forever changed the way videos are created, viewed and shared. It seems like it was only yesterday that this video sharing platform was started but actually it has been a dozen odd years to that fateful day. Owned by technology giant Google, this video sharing platform is visited by a staggering one billion viewers month on month. That these are all unique users that makes these numbers even more incredible.

And staying with numbers, YouTube is among the largest countries in the world, next only to China and India. If you were to think of this video sharing platform as a nation, that is. With every second visitor to the internet making it a point to come here, this is the kind of potential customer base that no online portal can afford to ignore, not possible at all. Therein lies the real challenge what with so much happening on YouTube every day.

To get potential customers to notice your videos in this virtual sea is literally like looking for a needle in a haystack. This is where you need an expert who knows how to go about getting your videos to stand out, to optimise the YouTube videos. That is where you need Aapta.

Aapta Solutions is a trusted name when it comes to SEO marketing and they bring all their years of experience into the picture with regards to your videos. In order to spruce up (read optimising) your YouTube video content, the team at Aapta will first see if your videos have made use of the correct hashtags and keywords that are relevant to your product/business. If not, we will tweak it accordingly also taking care to see that the title of the video is catchy enough and the description is brief yet impactful.

No point writing long stories under the description which nobody will anyway read. What this will also do is to get your videos rated high by leading search engines. This should translate into better ranking and a visible spike in traffic to your video link. We also give you an option of upto five thumbnail views for your video. Another exciting feature of this service has to be the powerful YouTube analytics tool which will give a user the complete lowdown on the number of people viewing, liking & sharing your video so that you know what exactly is going on, daily. In real time. This puts you in firm control of all decisions related to the video sharing.

When it comes to the services that Aapta offers, including this one to optimise your videos for sharing on YouTube, these are all 30 day long packages only.

Also please bear in mind that this service is for one YouTube video of yours and if you have multiple videos to optimise for sharing on YouTube, the rates will obviously go up too. With the exception of some services, of course. So ]the $125 (which is approximately what Rs 8000 works out to) that you are paying is for a month of support from us. The idea is that users must see for themselves the value of the service and if they like what they see they can continue using the service by paying for another month.

Of course if you are very satisfied with what you get and want to sign up with us for a longer duration (like an year) you can always get in contact with us to get the needful done. In this 30 day period, you will surely be able to see the number of likes, comments, shares and views all going up north. And patting yourself on the back for having chosen Aapta, to optimise your YouTube video.

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