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Find your search right away: Google Search

The most famous search engine today is Google. A lot of people use it but very less people know about the formal instructions for searching right away using the search engine Google. There are various ways to reach out to Google and also there are different Google websites. There is an easier way to use Google that is search in the search box present in the browser. Several browsers are present with small boxes in the top right corners where you can type what you are searching for and then hit return post which the search results will load in the browser. Google uses its own tool bar for browsers and this in turn helps to search Google from the browsers as well as share pages and get many other good features. One can search in the same box where one enters the web address.

It is very easy to search using b. One has to just type what one is interested in finding in the search box provided by Google website or in one’s tool bar. While using a tool bar several words appear below the toolbar’s search box. These are suggestions from google that tries to match what one is searching for .It is called Auto complete. One cannot ignore such suggestions but if it seems useful then one can use it to save typing. Google offers pages with various results .Some are those pages that can be matched in the web. This process is called Universal Search. In this  process one gets units mixing with the required search .These are called One Box results. At times a person also gets special One Boxes which gives us a direct answer without having to go away from Google search.

One can also see ads that are visible at right side or above of the chief search result. As per Google these are not influenced by advertising and they do not sell the main search results. Google tries to keep the ads different from these results and these are labelled in various ways like –“Ad or Ads”. Google also has a system called Google Instant Preview. It is useful in keeping a quick check on the best answers one is looking forward.

Google also has a variety of documents which guides on how to search in Google. It has a long range of products for search purposes. Some of the popular ones are as follows. They have an everything category which has all the stories written about Google. It has a web search engine which has new as well as changed features. They also have Onebox, Plus box and direct answers. Google has its own SEO which gets listed free in its search engine. Along with that there is a Google Ad words which covers the paid search advertising programs. There are Google Maps that helps in locating geographical areas.Google‘s Youtube service allows people to upload as well search for videos easily. This service has become really popular today. Even Google Doodles are a hit today with the changing themes which makes it even more search friendly and undoubtedly the most prominently used search engine today.

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