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Why The Auto Post Tool is a must for Facebook Users ?

Last year Facebook defied industry expectations. Yet again. There were those who predicted that for any business growing at the rate that Facebook is, it is but natural for things to slow down after an initial meteoric rise. But with revenues upwards of twenty seven billion dollars for last year itself, Facebook is again proving that not only is it not showing any signs of fatigue but in fact it is leagues ahead of all competition. Not to mention that the number of users have jumped up to over one and half billions. These are huge numbers even by the lofty standards that Facebook likes to set for itself. The impact of social media platforms like Facebook on online business has been such that no marketing campaign, big or small can afford to ignore social media marketing.

One of the newest techniques when it comes to social media marketing is that of creating multiple accounts on Facebook. Though this is fraught with risk and can have some negative consequences if not done right the benefits outweigh them and are manifold. To begin with the main plus point of having multiple accounts is that one can categorise customers according to likes, dislikes, interests and even communities. This makes it easier to customise your products and/or services by customer type. To illustrate better using an example, location based marketing that can help understand the specific needs of customers hailing from a certain region, climate or culture. Better targeted marketing means better chances of a lead converting into a sale.

Many successful businesses have outlets, franchisees and branches spread all over the world. So having multiple pages/or accounts for the same brand can make sense for one can then customise offers and discounts depending on where that store or outlet is located. Likewise there are many companies that make and sell multiple products under the same umbrella where each product has it’s own fans and admirers. In such cases it is quite practical to have separate pages for each product though they all belong to the same common brand. And then there is the fact that your Facebook page for your business partners, afiliates and advertisers cannot be the same that you have for your end user customers. These are just some of the main factors that would a business to have multiple Facebook pages/accounts.

There in lies the practical troubles of running, maintaining and updating multiple pages on Facebook. Doing this for one Facebook profile itself is not an easy task as it is. You will need to several people to administer the progress of these pages which will obviously entail costs. Also the whole thing needs to be done very professionally or else there is the possibility that when a customer looks you guys up he/she might get confused between similar looking pages. And perhaps even land up on the wrong page thus nullifying any advantage that might have been got. This is where the Auto Post Tool can be a huge asset for any business concern, startup or company wanting to capture the potential market that Facebook has to offer.

The Auto Post Tool is an easy option to save costs for a business. For this tool is capable of making timely posts & status updates on all your Facebook accounts/pages quite seamlessly. The tool is uncomplicated to use which means that the owner of a site does not have to approach the developer for even the most minor of changes. The other plus with this tool is that the makers of the tool, Aapta are offering it to customer who avail their services for free. At no additional costs and for a life time. This is indeed as good as it gets.

Tool for Facebook – Pages, Groups and profile posting – updates, links, images, videos and text.

This tool is free for lifetime only when you buy this service by paying Rs. 7,999 (one time)

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