How to Compose email and write best selling text

How to Compose email and write best selling text …..Email is quite a vital part of our lives; still many people do not know how to write a good email. Sometimes even the professional PR people fail on it. A simple email can decide whether you will get your work done and whether your mind blowing idea would be selected by your target audience .At times, even the relationship with your boss is determined by how nice emails you write to them. Every email is more or less a pitch .The people who get our emails receive dozens of such emails daily, so it is important that your email should stand out from them to get a response.

One should introduce oneself and his or her company name in the beginning. Then build a casual rapport first by greeting your client with a casual hello with their name if you have it. You should clearly tell what exactly you are offering instead of creating an unnecessary hype. You should specify your availability and credibility. You should also tell them whether the offer you are talking about demands instant action or it is for long term otherwise it will simply damage your reputation. You should try to write an attractive subject line that could attract the receiver. You can make it as innovative as possible but make sure not to make it too attractive that it loses the clarity and aim.

The emails should explain the customers that they are buying the best thing out of what is available to them .So before sending out the email, its content should be thoroughly checked for grammar, punctuation and typing errors. Perform complete proofreading and write simple sentences. Avoid the urge to have stylish formatting and designs because many systems do not support fancy formatting. Keep it easy for the eye with proper spacing and line breaks .Most customers read only first few sentences to decide whether to go further or not and do not enjoy reading loads of information. So better keep it short with impressive sentences.

 Never forget what exactly you are trying to sell and to whom it is being sold. Even the best crafted email pitch is a waste if it is delivered to someone who is not interested in the product. Last but not the least, in the name of following up you should not ping your customers again and again. If after some reminders, you are still not getting a response they are simply not interested.    Remember not to irritate them or else you get spammed which means a heavy damage to the reputation of your company. The solution for getting a reply to your email is simply to put yourself in the recipient’s shoes and orient your email accordingly. Respect their time and ensure that the email is necessary. We all value time. When you are sending an email, you should be telling them that the next few minutes are really worth it. So better to not send an email that you would never want to see in your inbox.

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