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Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Important or Not

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a term used in marketing that describes the visibility in unpaid search engine results. It has technical as well as creative elements needed to improve rankings, drive web traffic, and increase awareness in search engines. SEO is just like a bridge that connects the words we type on web to the websites and increases its market value.

Today the search engine giants like Yahoo, Bing and Google run the available web traffic. No matter what content or services your site provides, search engines are the major methods of navigation for people who use internet.The reason why SEO is used is the words that are typed by net users and are very important. These affect the success of an organisation’s directed traffic as a form of marketing tool that can give a lot of publicity, money and fame to a website. Hence, SEO has an incredible rate of return as a marketing and promotion tool. SEO makes content visible and available to users .It also increases the website ranking so that that it is placed in such a way that searchers can easily find it. The internet market is highly competitive today and hence those availing SEO have a clear edge over competitors.

It is important to create a collection of best keywords for your website. The keyword order in the page should match order in the query. One should have alternate text of images which connect to other web pages and those keywords must be important to the page to which it is being linked. It is better to use hyphens rather than underscores. Google Webmaster Central, Yahoo Site explorer accounts help in crawling .Relevant keywords should be used in the text of linking site pages rather than using random casual words. Avoid linking to sites which give no benefits to the visitor experience. Simply improving the website ranking should not be the target. Submitting the site to major directories, increasing social networking also promotes content which links to websites.

It helps in bringing web traffic to websites where the website owner gets paid when a user clicks the ad. This is defined as the money paid by the advertisers to get an ad clicked. For each click both the website owner and advertiser mutually agree upon a fixed payment that is paid for each click. Content that attracts more web traffic usually has more PPC than those that brings less traffic. For long term contract lower rates are negotiated between publisher and advertiser There are certain guidelines one should avoid for optimum SEO performance. One should avoid site content like Flash, iFrames which create difficulties for a search engine to locate such content. Do not use JavaScript while going for navigation links. Try to use permanent redirects rather than temporary or dynamic URL redirects. As an SEO marketer one should refrain from acquiring links from blogs or sites whose content are unrelated. Rather go for links with long term value and low cost.

For utilisation of SEO an in-depth knowledge base of the market, proper analysis, testing and engaging the public is important.SEO is highly in demand today and companies prefer outsourcing SEO rather than doing it on their own. No one has seen the future however in the worldwide search market, change is a necessity. Today the websites fight with each other for getting attention in the search engines. SEO will no doubt continue boosting up websites rankings and help them fight for their position in the competitive World Wide Web market with more traffic and visibility. Hence for this reason, SEO will stay for a long time in the market.

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