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Pay per click – marketing services solution

Pay per click (PPC) is a way of advertising through internet to bring web traffic where advertisers pay the website owner whenever an ad is clicked. It is defined as the expenditure for getting an advertisement clicked. Websites charge a price for every click instead of using a system of bidding. Various ways of display type advertisements are used which are called banner ads and are displayed on websites or search engines.

Pay per click (PPC) is today widely used by search engines. It can be used in various places like blogs, search engines and also online networks. This is popular as one does not have to pay for the advertisement and the payment is made only after someone clicks the ad. This makes it a more fruitful way of advertising with more leads, more business and more growth. It increases the visibility of the brand .Pay per click marketing attracts immediate traffic to the website .It is quite useful for tracking the effectiveness of the offers made. The right keywords are very important as it attracts traffic accordingly and attracts the right prospects to the website.

Google Ad words are really popular in the PPC platform and they have a pay per click setup where users put bidding on the keywords and after that they have to pay for each click one gets in an advertisement. There are 2 important factors which decide what will appear in a page, they are—CPC Bid which is the highest money which an advertiser will spend and Quality score that is the value that checks the click through rate, landing page quality etc.This allows advertisers to get potential customers in a cost which does not affect their budget.

Researching keywords for PPC takes a lot of time but it is also very important. The total PPC campaign is made by keywords and the successful Ad Words advertisers keep on growing and also develop their PPC keywords. An effective keyword list consists of various aspects like how relevant are they in attracting web traffic. The keywords need to be close to what one is selling. Targeted keywords give a higher PPC click rate. Keywords which are long tailed are taken as more specific and ones which are less common. However they increase the search driven traffic. They are also less expensive as well as less competitive. One has to constantly expand and refine campaigns and also make a constantly growing keyword list.

After creating a PPC campaign it is equally important to ensure that they are being managed effectively. There should be regular account activity for ensuring success. One should continuously analyse the account performance and make adjustment for the campaign accordingly. Positive keywords should be added which improves the campaign and negative keywords  should be removed which reduces the relevancy of the campaign. Ad groups can also be divided into smaller and more relevant ad groups .This improves the click through rate as well as quality score by creating more targeted ad texts.PPC keywords should also be reviewed and one can shut off the non performing keywords. Conversion rates can be easily increased by modifying the content as well as calls to action of the landing pages .All the traffic should not be directed to the same page.

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