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Useful form of Video marketing through Online

Video marketing is a type of online marketing whichinvolves creating videos about specific topics to increase promotion. Then these videos are promoted using websites like YouTubethat are video sharing websites. Today online videos have become a quick source of entertainment for public. So their value has increased. Video marketing is growing today as it helps in engaging increased number of users, enhances awareness of the brand, searchengine optimisation, and generates more web traffic by rich content, creatingmore links, and creating a strong presence on video search engines etc.

A strong marketing campaign definitely uses video in the overall process .The marketing tools  includes explainer videos, viralvideos, liveevents, corporate training videos etc.It definitely increases the search engine ranking and is highly beneficial for Search Engine Optimisation. Today the second largest search engine is YouTube owned by Google. So a video uploaded in YouTube gets many hits and its visibility increases many folds. As per a fewstudies, consumers have a greater chance of buying a product after they see its video compared to other forms of advertising. Hencethe televisionadvertisements, online advertisements have higher rates too.

A useful form of video marketing is Video News Release. They help in getting high authority links from news sites and it helps in making the press release important for the journalist. It consists of a combination of interviews, footage and testimonials keeping the subject in concern. Entertainingvideos have comic and visually enriching aesthetic appeal with very nice display of skill. They have a simple structure with a punch line. Instruction Videos can be as tutorials, visual guides which give proper information to a particular community. One has to think about the audience who will view the videos for proper marketing efforts. In short for proper video marketing it is important to consistently work for attention.

There are many platforms for video marketing like YouTube, TV or street marketing which may not be possible in paper marketing.People can access these by smart phones easily anywhere. Hence it is really cost effective. Combining audio visual is strong and also retention rate of a video is high in the mind. Video marketing also helps in having a strong emotional connect which has a direct impact to human brain. We find it easier to connect to a face rather than facts.A famous company, Zappos realised that consumers face difficulty in online shopping of clothes, shoes etc and wanted a more emotional connect for purchasing decisions. Hence they created lakhs of product videos which gave personal advices that one would get from a store owner or from a friend. This venture was highly successful.

For video marketing, oneneeds a strong market research, competitiveanalysis and collection of target market insights. One has to be really clear what does the audience wants to see, feel and what is the message they want to be communicated. For video marketing to be successful it is very important to target specific audience who will definitely search and watch the videos you have posted. One has to ensure that the video content created is actually entertaining in its own way.A well made video shown can become viral and reach millions of audience in few seconds. Hence, video marketing will definitely continue for a long time in the online marketing industry.

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