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Digital Marketing – online media campaigns


Digital marketing is the promotion of a product, service or, brand on electronic devices. It can be done through blog, mobile, SEO, newsletter, websites and, social media like—Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Instagram etc. It has become trendy because it is cheap and all you need is a simple skill. It is easy to analyze and you can watch evolution of your marketing work .Today, customers are generally available online and use mobile phones, laptops and adore clicking selfies. They spend maximum time on this medium. Some of the methods used are–

  • Email marketing—it involves having a large list of email database and emailing them what you want to sell. The email should influence them enough or else it can be spammed as well.
  • Blogging –It is writing down your own thoughts on a web page. Nowadays, even superstars are into this system for promotion since it’s more like opening up your diary to public.
  • Pay per clicks—here certain keywords are targeted and when those words are searched on a search engine like Google, your ads appear to them.
  • Apps—It is a programmed software that can be installed in your laptop, mobiles, and iPad which gives you all the specific information about a particular product. WhatsApp messenger is today one of the most successful app ever made since it is ruling the social media circuit. Marketing is done by sending circulating messages, videos that are used for marketing purposes and it is communicated to mass audience very quickly.

Some of the successful online digital media campaigns are as follows-

  1. Coca-Cola did an awesome campaign where vending machines gave unexpected items like drinks, pizza, flowers and sandwiches. People’s reactions were then videotaped .Later the videos were shown on YouTube. Soon it created millions of views and goodwill towards the brand was created by a smart strategy.
  2. Pizza Hut created a website that had all the information people wanted about the shop. It also allowed home delivery by online mode. Innovative systems were integrated like the ‘top five pizza’ choices were shown by city and region. As a result students, bachelors, housewives not willing to cook on weekends ended up ordering pizzas at midnight pizza parties
  3. Dove real beauty campaign—“Dove Campaign for real beauty” had non models who were women one would find in real life. This video soon went viral and everyone liked it. Soon by word of mouth it was popular everywhere.
  4. created an app that socializes its hotel booking process. It allowed users to make a ‘Book It’ list of destinations and activities. Hence clients could share trip ideas with friends, who used the app to build their own trip plan.

4.Flipkart—Bansal brothers created a revolution  in the Indian e-commerce market by introducing Flipkart with better services like cash on delivery, strong digital marketing strategies like tracking customer through cookies and suggesting them products even after they have left the page. Henceforth, the nation loves shopping on Flipkart.

Disadvantages—when digital marketing becomes a nuisance and disturbs people it can be spammed as quickly as they become popular. For example the “My Choice” video of Deepika Padukone made by Vogue was rejected harshly and did the reverse of what was thought of by Vogue.

Conclusion—Digital marketing is ruling today since our generation is hooked to electronic devices. This trend will no doubt continue successfully for a long time now.

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