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Effective ways of online advertising

Online advertising is a type of marketing which uses the internet to give promotional messages to clients. It includes advertising using social media, email, webbanner, mobile phone etc.This form of advertising involves a publisher who gives the ads that will be shown on publisher’s content.There are several benefits of online advertising like its cheap cost makes it more cost worthy compared to offline advertisement. It also enables the advertiser to engage a larger community and offers better return on investment. Also this form of advertisement helps in tracking an ad as well the customer. For example the advertiser gets to know how a visitor reached the advertisement and whether it created a sale or not.Also online advertising can be interactive and include user queries and feedback. For all such useful features online advertisement has become really popular today.

Online advertisement can be done effectively in various ways as follows. Email Newsletters can be a very effective form of online advertising because subscription rates to them is still very high unlike other banners .People do keep email newsletter having contextual ads and also pass them to others.Facebook advertising can be useful in targeting people based on affinity, region, network and interest. It can be a very good form of advertising from a person registered on Facebook to his or her friend list. There are paid as well as non paid versions of Facebook marketing. However they have to compete with online marketing based on keyword, search engine optimisation etc.

Twitter ads also help in online advertising but they are useful in a limited way. One should make a good strategy before putting up a sponsoredTwitter ad. Slide share channels are described as PowerPoint presentation but one can use them as content assets and use them as lead. One can pay per lead after someone watching the presentation.

Niche Blog Networks engage the audience really well and also support small communities of blog and generate loyalty among bloggers who are sponsored to such networks. They find it quite validated on being associated with such network and then only spend their money on such forms of advertisements.

Apps offer true advertising possibilities for people having smallbusinesses. There are some new networks like AdMob which give the opportunity to place the ad inside an App that is used several times by users and are freely downloaded. Apps are placed in mobile which are with the customers almost all the time .Hence due to the proximity of the mobile phones and hence these Apps, lot of brands have taken the route of App advertising.


For an effective online advertising one needs to check the unique attributes of the target market and do a thorough research on their demographic and psychographic features. After this the next step is to find out their needs and create products as per need. Then it is easy to fill any quality gap. The next problem is to create an offer which will compel them to buy the product. It is done either by online transaction or by website. An effective marketing and communication plan which conveys the right message at the right time to the audience using the right type of media like video, emails etc determines the success of an online advertising.

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