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A more recent social media platform that has grabbed attention and steadily gained in popularity in the last six years since it’s inception is Instagram. The idea was a result of the versatile features that mobile phones started offering of which an inbuilt camera was top of the heap.

Though initially many of these mobile cameras were very basic in function where great quality was not always the end result things got better with newer phones which boasted of more powerful cameras. So much so that some of the mobile cameras that are out there are as good as any stand alone cameras of repute. No wonder that within a couple of years of it’s launch, Instagram had got a 100 million active users in it’s database.

More changes in coming years have given users many more options when it comes to posting pictures. Unlike some other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter that are seeing a slow down, Instagram seems to only grow from strength to strength. Today over four hundred million people from all over the world use Instagram daily. With so much traffic coming in to this platform it is but natural that businesses with an online presence would want a share of the pie, the larger the better. This again is easier said than done. Unless you are working with someone like Aapta. Who know what it takes to get to the top of the business chain. And stay there.

A common grouse that many entrepreneurs and business owners when it comes to dealing with online SEO and marketing professionals is about not being able to know how things are progressing and if things take a turn for the better, what was it that was done by these folks. In short users are usually in the dark about the so called technicalities involved and they do not always understand terms & jargons, like SERPs, link building among other things.

Aapta puts you in the driver’s seat with a handy tool that tells you everything that there is not know about online strategies, customer expectations and business trends. So that you do not feel left out and rather are the one calling the shots. That too, on a daily basis. If things have come to a nought after all efforts, do not fret.

We at Aapta will redesign and repackage your profile both visually and also in terms of the keywords used. So even a customer who has checked your profile before will not have a feeling of ‘deja vu’ We will ensure that no less than twenty five important updates/posts are done from our end to get your business more eyeballs. The number of likes, shares and followers at the end of month will prove that you are on to a good thing.

Many users ask us why is it that our service is usually designed to last a month only and not for more? Though we can customise the Instagram optimising service to give you support for a longer period, the standard ones are meant to last a month. On a monthly basis, you will be paying a fee of around Rs INR 8000 (which is about $125) and during the course of this month we will keep a constant lid on things and make sure you keep getting more traffic to your business site.

And once you as a business have seen the positive effects of our Instagram optimising, we are sure you will be more than pleased and wanting to continue using us for all your social media needs. Which will include but will not be limited to just Instagram. You see, now the world is your playground.

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