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Mobile marketing for small businesses – impact on sales

Mobile marketing is a type of marketing using a mobile device like a smart phone and it provides such customers who are sensitive with respect to time and location. It is a type of marketing which creates a network of people who are always connected with personal mobile device. Small business owners can use mobile phones successfully for engaging the customers and these have to create more and more fans and followers.

Potential for small business is more in using mobile for connecting with customers as compared to big chains since they are able to engage with them actively .One can see how customers are responding to campaigns made by emails, Facebook polls and other deals. Then small business people can divide customers on basis of their preferences and also give more customised offers. A personal touch helps to engage customers as ambassadors for brands and today small business owners can digitally connect with customers and get new ones uncovered. Our mobile campaigns can include VIP offers, mobile marketing tactics, event ticketing etc. However many small business avoid mobile marketing thinking it to be time consuming, however mobile marketing  can achieve the same thing that can be achieved by email and social media marketing by having stronger bond with customers.

Mobile applications are in high demand today, so one can easily create an app using websites. However it is important that these apps should provide unique content apart from other digital devices in the market and still sell the product, allowing to communicate with customers. Smartphone users feel more easy in navigating an app and these apps also generate a lot of revenue. People pass a lot of time, locating information, finding geographical areas and searching for deals using smartphones and these have in short become an inevitable part of our life. For effective mobile marketing, mobile users should be targeted with simple apps and calls to action that are easy to use and a lot of social media users access it via mobile so this can be effectively tapped for marketing. Mobile marketing involves customers using smartphones and tablets and by sending them text messages, multimedia messages, push notifications and it also  involves sending coupons, discounts, announcements, promotions to targeted customers.

Text message marketing services create automated campaigns and they choose a keyword that represents their business. Along with it they combine an assigned short code and then customers use this keyword to connect with their text-messaging list. This autoreply feature allows someone to send a welcome message and the scheduling feature enables to send future text messages automatically.

A mobile app which connects people with the sectors and businesses ,engages customers by letting them check ,recommend and also create conversations about places they are visiting.There are several categories like food and coffee, indoor activities, humanities, arts, grocery shopping, night-life and many more.Mobile apps helps to connect to Facebook as well as repeats customers and mobile marketing can also be effectively by combining on-line coupons offers using mobile applications and a simple app check can lead to a purchase. All customers have to do is to install applications on their mobile phones and keep on checking them for updates.

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