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Why social influence is key to SEO marketing

One of the most underrated tools for marketing a product or service on the internet is that of social influence. Also known as social proof, it is a powerful way of winning the confidence of a customer by letting them know what some others think of it. The others could include your peers, your happy customers, famous individuals and/or experts from the field. So what you are basically doing is making good use of the glowing testimonials of credible folks to create an impression on new, potential customers. It is human tendency to be more trusting of someone or something that comes highly recommended by others. In fact, study after detailed study has only go on to confirm this to be completely true.

How you employ social influence depends on the type of industry you are catering to, who your potential customers are, what your aim is in regards to the product or service and many such factors. One of the best ways to use social influence is by putting up customer reviews on the portal. It is a fact that a lot many customers look up user reviews about a particular product and/or service to make up their mind about whether to purchase it or refrain from doing so. A variation of this is to get a subject expert or professionals who know their stuff to do a review. Statistics show that the power of suggestion is one of the most effective ways of social validation.

Celebrity endorsement is another new way of creating social influence that is gaining in popularity in recent years. Which is why many of the biggest corporate brands have famous individuals as their flag bearers, as their brand ambassadors. It does not make too much of a difference to potential customers that these folks are paid to endorse the product in question. And paid handsomely, at that. Makers of pet products, for instance have found that pets themselves are the best to endorse them. Likewise, audience reviews of a film that they love works better than any publicity blitz. Then there are logos that not just create additional visual appeal for a brand but also increase awareness about the product. A symbolic representation of everything that the product stands for, a logo enhances credibility.

It is not uncommon for many online portals to inform those visiting the landing page about the number of users that subscribe to their service or have bought the product thus far. For there is strength in numbers. Like with reputed individuals, words of praise from reputed publications can have a huge bearing on your business too. In fact, anything positive in the media circles will only help further your business. High quality, original content that keeps getting posted regularly can play a pivotal role in boosting your social influence. At the end of the day if you use the tool that is right for your business, you will see your website shoot up in rankings and attract enough visitors. Social influence will work wonders for SEO marketing. If it is done right.

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